AirDream Tri-wire adapter

AirDream Tri-wire adapter‘AirDream’ Tri-wire adapter – Many Audiophiles, own loudspeakers which have three pair of speaker terminals. One for the Bass frequencies, one for the middle frequencies and one for the upper frequencies. And, With this type of configuration three sets of loudspeaker cable are required to achieve optimum performance, but does incur a cost. 


Bi-wiring is a means of connecting a loudspeaker to an audio amplifier, primarily used in Hi-fi systems. Normally, there is one pair of connectors on a loudspeaker and a single cable (two conductors) runs from the amplifier output to the terminals at the loudspeaker housing. From this point, connections are made to the loudspeaker drivers – usually through audio crossover networks. Bi-wiring should not be confused with the Hi-fi practice of bi-amping: the use of a separate amplifier for each driver, which brings improved separation of signal frequencies and removes the need for passive crossovers and the degraded efficiency, linearity, and cost that comes with them.


I am now able to offer a solution to reduce the price based on the three meters ‘AirDream’ loudspeaker cable used in conjunction with the Perkune ‘Tri-wire’ adapter.

The AirDream copper seriesOne side of the loudspeaker cable simply inserts into one ‘Tri-wire’ adapter. The result is the conversion of one signal into three signals. The signals will be identical because the adapter cables are constructed exactly the same as the Loudspeaker cable. 
  • Conductors: 2 x 2.50 mm. OFC 99.9% (containing 144 strands x 0.15mm).
  • Resistance: 0.014 Ohms/m.
  • Capacitance: 48 pF/m.
  • Inductance: 0.77 uH/m.
  • Insulation: Vinyl.
  • First line: Twin AirTube. DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Primary and Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • AirTube, Foil sheathing.
  • Outer AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP.
  • Single AirTube with ‘Teflon’ binding.
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PE-HB.
  • Certificate: ISO 9001:2008.

4 x 25 Cms banana/female banana connection 597 Euros


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