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Best budget audiophile cables 2022Did you know the best power cable is a Matrix amplifier cable? And where can it be bought? The answer is Vilnius, Lithuania. Also, a Matrix amplifier cable offers the best value for money today. So why pay over three times the price to get the same performance as the competition? And it makes sense to purchase the best power cable to improve your system.

Best power cable

If you can get the best source for Power cables and interconnects, it will help you get the best sound for your system. Therefore you are in the right place, with the right company, to realise your dream. And you aim to make your sound system better without breaking the bank! So let me give you information about this beautiful power cable.

Matrix amplifier cable

Matrix amplifier cableThe Matrix amplifier cable (introduced in Sept 2022) employs a great design, allowing you to enjoy your music as intended. Audiophiles are passionate about music and want to listen as if being played at a live performance. And amplifier cable is perfect for every component but ideally suited to your power amplifier. Also critical to understand how an abundance of power is essential when it comes to audio. Also, how power is delivered will allow your amplifier to operate at maximum efficiency.


The Matrix amplifier cable has five separate conductors: 2 x 12 AWG are covered in a black PolyCast dielectric (26 strand x 0.25 mm ‘tinned’ copper conductors). Also, 2 x 12 AWG OFC conductors, And 1 x 16AWG (solid copper) conductor is included for earthing. Also, one of the best-known insulators in the world is Air. And Perkune has been able to increase the amount of Air inside the Matrix amplifier cable using a 15.0 mm AirTube. And sealed after adding the conductors. Also, the conductors are resting in a tube filled with Air. And as a result, the conductors are immune from vibrations and external interference. Also, the cable is a pleasure to work with.  And is one of the most flexible cables produced.


Cable size: 18.0 mm, Conductors: 4 x 12 AWG (High purity OFC 99.9999%) Earthing: 1 x 16 AWG (solid copper), Additional element: Ferrite ring, Resistance: 0.0012 Ohms/meter, Capacitance: 80 pF/meter, Inductance: 0.0270 uH/meter, Insulation: PTFE/ PVC /Fleece, Shielding: Aluminum foil 100%, Voltage: 600 volts, 35 Amps, Plugs: Rhodium-plated pins


Hello Paul, I have to tell you that I am very satisfied with the new power cable. The improvement in the sound of my music system is noticeable. And obviously that’s why I enjoy listening to it. Greetings –  Primož, Slovenia

Hi Paul, and just finished installing the Matrix Power cord. Holographic presentation is there – instruments and voices are now 3D and have way more condensed energy, meaning they are more tangible. Presentation is more lifelike. The resolution has improved quite a lot. I Will say instantly that my system sounds really much better than before. The resolution has enhanced significantly with more details and a more natural sound rendering—the soundstage is defined with better depth. Instruments and voices are focused and have additional energy. An excellent sounding cable – Tom Lasota Poland

Hi Paul, I just got the latest matrix power cable running and cannot believe how it has changed the sound of my system to the good. I have such a good bass and everything is tighter if that is the right word. Also, I can hear more details and have a more significant listening area. I am amazed how a simple cable can do this. You helped me improve my sound just by moving around my speaker. And this is the icing on the cake! I am waiting for your new speaker cables and drooling at the thought. Thank you, Christoph, Austria


Paul, you continue to create magic. I received the Perkune 2M Matrix amplifier Cable, and what a beauty! First connected the cable, played it at lower volumes, and slowly worked it up to higher listening levels. And so far, it has exceeded my expectations. Next, I listened to The Highway Men album, with four distinct voices. OMG, the detail in each voice and instrument had me melting back into my chair. The separation of the soundstage presented a much more broad and more transparent image greater than I have ever heard. I have made similar statements in the past each time I upgrade to higher-end cable, but this is a whole new experience. Regards Bill, Proctor BC, Canada.

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