True story about Power cords

True story about power cords
A True story about Power cords from a customer in Norway. This customer has been using Perkune audiophile cables for the past three years. His audio system shows the quality of components being used. Personally, I really love Ayre products because they work well with my cables!

A true story about Power cords
“Three years ago I bought a single Power cord from Perkune audiophile cables. I was experimenting with different cables to find the best cables for my system. After trying Perkune Power cords, I was so impressed by the sound quality I decided to try Pauls other cables. The cables sounded just as good and I was pleased with the results. During the first year, I became a firm believer these were the best cables for my system.
After another year, Paul upgraded the range and so I was able to try the new cables. The Ultimate Power cords are a big step up from the previous power cords. The soundstage became wider, the background darker, which made it easier to hear the fine details in the music. The musical properties of the cables are great and the best sounding Power cords I have tried anywhere.
A true story about power cords
Yesterday I received four Perkune Power cord GOLDs and I have been listening to my system all day. I will say the new Power cords are absolutely stunning and have the ability to convey more of the musical information. This is nothing short of a jaw-dropping experience. The 3D effect is unbelievable and details float in suspension right in front of me!ords
Now, I am much closer to the performers. The level of details draws me into a world of its own. The texture of instruments has increased and I “feel” every note! The soundstage is much deeper as if I was right there at the performance. But at the same time the music relaxed and natural.  These new Power cords really show a difference because everything is highlighted. This is a new experience and absolutely INCREDIBLE!
The background is now absolutely silent. This makes the music appear just like magic! The Vocals has a clarity that brings forth the emotions and credibility and makes the music become real. Reverbs, echoes, after echoes, crossfades and all the studio mastering effects are there. Now I am able to hear so many things that I never heard before. This is just like starting all over again!
I will conclude by saying the Gold edition Power cords are of real quality! They are very well built, look great and feel solid.
Making my system sound like this just blows me away, and Paul, I want to thank you for this incredible experience!”
Eirik Rouppert – Norway
This is Eiriks story and not mine
Maybe for some of you, this ‘True story about Power cords’ takes some believing! There are continuous debates about Power cords and do they really make a difference? People make youtube videos and state it is impossible to hear any difference because a cable is only a piece of wire. People add words like ‘snake oil’, ‘tricksters’ and ‘con artists’ in discussion groups. BUT, if you would like to read an independent review from a well-known professional please click here
Where to start

Many years ago, I was happy to use cables supplied with components. Using a light cord for speaker cables and a kettle cord for a power cord seemed to work well. I was happy to put on ‘Foot Tapper’ and listen to the Shadows in my bedroom!

Over the years, improvements in technology have taken audio to a new level. We are told we must use ‘this’ to prevent ‘that’ and we need ‘that’ to help with ‘this’ but is it all really necessary? Very confusing for a person who is entering into the wonderful world of audio – just as I did fifty years ago and knew nothing!

Sound advice

I will say to any person who is thinking about buying a Power cord –

Do not listen to anybody only listen to yourself!

Borrow a Power cord, put it into your system, sit back and listen. Then, answer these questions – How does your system sound? What does the new Power cord do? Are there any sonic improvements? Are the improvements worth the cost of the Power cord?

It really is that simple but, it all depends on the Power cord you will try.  There are many great Power cords. Many good Power cords and also many poor Power cords. You just have to look and find a Power cord that is the right one for you!

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2 thoughts on “True story about Power cords

  1. I don’t understand why is so difficult to me to believe that the difference with the new power cords are so big?
    It is not the first time i hear this….i can see every year in the HiEnd Show here in my country.
    As i am a electronic proffesional i would prefer a more technical explanation …
    Thank you very much for your article.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hello and thank you for writing

      About 15 years ago I was under the impression that a power cord could not make any difference as it was just a cable
      carrying electricity. I went to an audio shop as I was interested in DVDs and got talking to a gentleman by the name of Dennis.
      Dennis showed me the DVDs and players but also asked what power cord I was planning to use. Here I was lost and did not really
      understand what he was saying but he took out the stock power cord and put in a very nice looking cord and pressed play!
      Those actions changed my life has actually led to what I am doing now!
      All you have to do is go to your nearest hi-fi shop and ask to demo a good power cord and you will hear what I mean!
      Having said that not all people are able to perceive differences and this is because every person is different with different
      hearing, Different sensitivity, different feelings, different emotions, and different awareness. The brain is a very complex
      creation but can measure far more than an instrument, and this is one reason why there has never been any technical reviews
      or reports carries out on power cord – we do not have an instrument to measure out senses!

      hope that helps


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