Porsche is the best but Ferrari club?

Video Porsche

This is a picture of a Ferrari Testarossa owned by ‘Ferrari of Denmark Club’ president Peter and a Porsche 911 turbo that was owned by myself.

The Trip

If you remember the last Ferrari that I spoke about was the Ferrari 365GTC that I had in Denmark but then something very strange happened to me – read more

I took a trip over to the UK and went to visit one of my friends in London who owned a Garage, which specialized in Ferrari. My friend Michael absolutely loved my Ferrari 365GTC and asked me if I would sell it to him. This was an interesting question and I said to him well I might but all depends on the price and also I need something to get back home to Denmark.

Michael asked me if I had ever driven a Porsche before. I said to Michael my dear friend I have had a 924, a 911, a 928 and a Carrera and they were all great cars but I preferred the power and sound of Ferrari. I see he said, so you have never driven a Turbo? He asked and to which I replied no. Michael invited me to look at something he knew I would love because it had the noise, the power and the fun that I had been missing.

The change

I went with Michael into the garage and saw a gleaming red 911 Porsche Turbo looking back at me. What a shock to see such a beautiful machine and I really felt a twitch of excitement as I walked towards it.

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Get in and see how it feels he said. I slid into the Porsche and smelt the leather. It was so beautiful and a smell I will never forget. Everything was just absolutely magnificent.

My hands just fell onto the steering wheel and everything was perfect. I felt as if the Porsche had been built for me. You can take it for a spin if you would like to see how it feels he said and went to get a set of trade plates. Michael put the plates on and said OK Paul go and have fun.

So here I was, sitting in a nearly new Porsche 911 Turbo that was in mint condition and just waiting to be driven. It only took a few seconds and I realized that this was meant to be, yes this was my car and it was so different from any of the Porsches that I had owned before. This was exciting, this was incredible, this was breathtaking and the sound was like nothing I had ever heard before.

The performance of this car was just incredible. I found out that it was not a standard Porsche and the owner was a bit of a fanatic and had work done to the engine. The power had been increased to nearly 400 BHP and when you put your foot down it felt like you were being thrown into the rear seat and I mean really thrown.

The sound system was the best car sound system that I have ever heard. There were extra speakers in the front and rear and also twin 500 Watt amplifiers in the rear. As sound is my pasion this was definitely my car!

My Porsche

After driving around for only a short time I knew this was for me. Now it was time to go and see what sort of deal Michael would do with me against the Ferrari. It is funny just how things work out sometimes because there was already a person who had seen my Ferrari and wanted to buy it. Michael offered me such a great deal I would have been crazy to say no. We completed the paperwork shook hands and I headed to the Ferry and back to Denmark with my new toy.

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I was back in Denmark with my Porsche and was in heaven, and I mean I have never enjoyed a car so much in my life. I decided to go and show it to the guys who were all enthusiasts and members of the Danish Ferrari club.

I wonder how they would react to me now having a Porsche. Would they laugh, would they cry, would they tell me to go away? All these thoughts raced through my head but as it turned out they all thought it was great to have such a beautiful Porsche in the club.

The Event

I think that one of the most memorable things that happened to me was when I attended Nurburgring in Germany. This was an event that the Ferrari club had arranged and we spent three wonderful days learning how to drive our cars properly.

getting ready

It was essential that we learned how to even prepare our cars for the event and certain adjustment had to be made.

Adjustments to the suspension and to the air pressure played an important part in the cars handling and also to the overall performance. The car had to have the right amount of fuel and checks to the fluid levels we as important. There were so many things to do, but all learning and good training.

As I told you earlier that this car had been modified and it could reach 0-60 MPH in about 4 seconds. It could also reach 0-100 MPH in less than 8 seconds and return to zero in just a few seconds. It also had upgraded brakes, suspension and was actually lowered and widened. I really did have a fantastic machine so I wondered how I would go around the track.

speed tests

Ready steady and all systems go. The start of the speed tests to see how you could improve the cars handling as we learned to go from one point to another but doing it the right way.

My times nearly halved after being shown the correct way to do things. But, that is the same with everything in life. There is a right way and a wrong way and learning to do what you love can be the best experience you can ever have.

The three days went like lightning. We were very fortunate as we were able to meet a few of the well-known drivers. And had a great time whilst we were there. I think that one thing I will never ever forget is when one of the racing team wanted to have a look at my turbo. He had been seeing how well it was doing in the trials. He invited me to ride with him around the track so I could feel what his car was like.

The Ruf turbo

My new friend had a race prepared turbo modified by Ruf engineering. This was taking a 911 turbo to the limit. Everything was honed to the best it could possibly be and it really was a completely different car to what I was expecting.

We climbed in and strapped our selves down. After donning the special suits. We had radios built into our helmets because this was the only way to even have a conversation. First, he said everything OK Paul and turned the key. What a noise and the whole car shook with the power as he blipped the throttle. We had not moved but already the blood had started to pump through my veins!!!

We started and moved onto the track but it was the way the car moved that really shook me. I felt like there was nothing between the road and us and the way the car moved it was like it was glued to the road. The performance was mind-blowing and we went through corners that I still do not know how we did it.

My heart was pounding with the noise, the excitement and the fear that we would not make it.  The best part was driving down that last home straight at just over 200 Mph and making it back in one piece.

When we got out of the car my legs were like jelly and I was trembling with the shock that I had been through. But, talk about a kick really! This was the best experience ever as I was driven by a person who can drive.


When we had finished, I went to pick up my Porsche, got in and drove away but something seemed wrong where was all the power? My car seemed like it was not moving and the brakes were still on. Then the corner appeared and I spun three times with black smoke coming off the wheels (wished that someone had taken that picture)

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After this experience, I sold my Porsche because I found it impossible to drive the same way as I had been driving it in Germany. Safety first and from that point on my driving has completely changed.

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4 thoughts on “Porsche is the best but Ferrari club?

  1. What a great article, Paul. I also like Porsche and Ferrari, I’ve never driven one though. A well-written page and interesting read. Look forward to reading the next one!

    Thomas (Mac01)

  2. Very good and thorough article on the old time famous Ferrari and Porsche. You gave up your Porsche but I am sure you loved it while you owned it. Those are cars that catches everyone’s eye regardless if you are a car lover.

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