Power cord changed my life!!!!!

This is the story of how a Power cord changed my life because I wanted to buy a DVD player. Going back in time, a real breakthrough happened in 1997 as the first DVD player was introduced into the marketplace – read more

Power cord changed my life
Keeping up ~Power cord changed my life

I am originally from the United Kingdom but moved to Vilnius, Lithuania in 1998. My audio system comprised of a Denon amplifier, Denon CD player and a techniques turntable. I also had a pair of Tannoy loudspeakers and was using the power cords and cables supplied. The sound of my system was great (so I thought) but wanted to add a DVD player to keep up with the Jones!

At this time, Vilnius was seeing many changes in the audio industry. One day as I was walking through the ‘Old town’, I discovered a shop that sold DVD players. The shop also sold ‘Hi-end’ audio components and I was amazed to see a shop of this caliber in the Baltics –


As I entered the shop, a gentleman approached me and introduced himself. Dennis asked what I was looking for and luckily he spoke English so made communication very easy. I told him what I needed and invited me into his ‘Listening room’. I was very impressed with the high standards and the components the room contained.

Avd.lt listening room
Showroom at AVD Vilnius, Lithuania

This was a different world I had stepped into. When Dennis asked what equipment I was using I felt a bit embarrassed. Giving Dennis my list of equipment made me realize how far down the audio ladder it was (as the real ‘hi-end ‘ audio played softly in the background).

The Power cord

Dennis suggested that I should listen to a used Esoteric DV-60. The DV-60 was about a year old and in perfect condition. I was more than happy to listen and watch the movie but this confirmed how far behind I was in the audio world. As Dennis hooked up the DVD player, I noticed he changed the power cord. Dennis replaced the black power cord with a long and thicker purple power cord made by a company called Nordost.

Power cord changed my life
Nordosy One-meter power cord

I asked Dennis why he changed the power cord. He looked at me, smiled and said: “Because I want it to sound the best for you”. Looking back I said, “But how can that make any difference to the sound”. Dennis demonstrated how a power cord made a difference as he changed from one Power cord to the other. And his simple action was the start of everything for me!

Skeptic ~

Until this meeting, I was totally unaware a Power cord could make any difference upon the sound produced at the loudspeakers. I had always been content using the power cord supplied. I thought the people manufacturing the equipment also supplied the correct Power cord (which seemed to make sense) and had no idea about the research and developments in this area. The reason why I was skeptical was the fact that I had never been told about cables or Power cords and never had the opportunity to actually listen to the differences myself.

Upgrade! Power cord changed my life

Over the next two years, I upgraded my audio equipment, which included all components, cables, and Power cords. I was no longer a skeptic as I have proved everything to myself. I was pleased because my sound was now on a different level. You see I was very fortunate because I was able to hear the differences a cable made and understood how everything functioned.

Dennis and I become good friends and one day was invited to attend a two-day seminar. The seminar was held at a hotel in Vilnius and was hosted by a company called Nordost and was to demonstrate the difference between audio cables. During the seminar was when I became aware of just how important a Power cord and audio cables were.

The Seminar ~

There were over thirty people attending the seminar and were from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. The speaker was a Norwegian engineer from Nordost who started the presentation by introducing the range of Nordost cables. The prices started at 350 euros and finished at 20,000 euros. The selection was excellent and contained Power cords, Interconnect cables, and Loudspeaker cables.

Audio conference – Vilnius, Lithuania

The Demonstration was interesting because of several other manufactures cables used for comparison. For most people, it was clear when a cable was changed because the quality of the sound changed. The sound because more open with better energy. Personally, I could hear changes all the way through the range. But with the last three cables, the changes were so small it was virtually impossible to hear the minute differences.

Yes and no!

There were six people in the group who said they could not hear any difference at all and it was all bullshit. They did not attend the second day. Only three people could hear differences over the entire range. Ten people could easily hear changes up to 70% of the range. This demonstrated people are different and hear things differently. If you are a person who is able to perceive the differences then you are fortunate!

What did I learn?

The seminar actually lasted three days because of the interest with some of the local dealers. It was decided to hold another day’s training in the listening room where I first met Dennis. People came and brought their components and cables to test. This was really excellent training for everyone and proved everything mentioned at the seminar.

What’s in front of your system?

The first thing I learned. It was not the power running from the power station to the power outlet, but what is in front of the component. Also, a component supplied by a two meter Power cord does sound better than a one meter Power cord. And a more expensive power cord does make the system better than a standard Power cord. And this is because the Power cord is in front of the component.

Choking effect ~

The second thing I learned was a cable can choke the sound. A normal Power cord (as supplied with the component) is made to transfer power. But the question is how exactly is the Power cord constructed. What restrictions are the Power cords imposing on the flow of electricity during the transfer? Is the Power cord oxygen-free? And is the Power cord of high quality. These are things that will choke, restrict and change the flow of electricity passing through the Power cord.

Polarity ~

The third thing I learned was about the effect of incorrect polarity. Polarity is something often overlooked but is essential every Power cord is connected the same way. We used electrician’s screwdriver to check because it was easy. The power cord was plugged in and the screwdriver was put into the right-hand side of the IEC connector. We got a red light, which indicated the Power cord correctly positioned. But, if there has been no light, we would have rotated the Power cord 180 degrees and checked again. This operation took two minutes but really did make a difference to the sound heard.

Cable length ~

The fourth that I learned about was cable length. The cable’s length applies to the Power cord, Interconnects and Loudspeakers cables. It certainly did make a difference when a two-meter was replaced by a three-meter loudspeaker cable. In the same manner, when one meter interconnects were replaced by a two meter. And when a one-meter was replaced by a two-meter power cord. The result in each case was easy to hear because it made the sound appear fuller in the listening room.

Cable burn-in ~ Power cord changed my life

This is a very interesting subject and much discussion over the past twenty years by leading manufacturers. There are articles about the alignment of electrons; articles about trapped gases during the manufacturing process and articles about cable impurities acting like a diode. In fact, so much information it can make your head spin! I will say this – If you buy a new cable and listen to it for three hours, the music does sound better. If you listen for another three hours the next day, the music again will sound better. Listening to the cable for more than a week the music will sound better – FACT!

Tests, trials, and proof ~

There are no clinical trials, scientific studies or measurements made on audio cables and power cords. Nothing has ever been done. The reason is the lack of equipment necessary to measure the performance of the sound. How can you measure the feelings, emotions, and elements that make the sound? Also the width, depth, and dimension of the sound? How to measure the quality, quantity, and dynamics of the sound? If you know, then please share because we all would like to know.

What you can do ~

Very easy – Just go to your local Hi-fi shop and test a Power cord or a cable. Then and only then will you will know if it’s for you

Sound advice – Power cord changed my life

I wish to finish by saying always Believe in yourself. Never listen to what other people tell you if they have never experienced this themselves. Don’t get hooked into stupid conversations because many people say it’s all rubbish!. Always test cables yourself in your own listening room.

Power cord changed my life
Threemeter “AirDream” power cord

Eighteen years have passed and I am in a different position than the day I went to buy a DVD player. Over the past four years, I have developed a range of cables that outperform many of the top cables but at a fraction of the price. I make great cables and have good customers with great stories and want to share my knowledge to help a person improve their audio system.


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20 thoughts on “Power cord changed my life!!!!!

  1. Dear Paul,

    Thank you so much for this article because it has shown me many things of interest that I never knew before and good luck with your journey .

    Looking forward to read more articles like this.

    Kind regards,
    Rom H

    1. Hello Ricky

      Sorry to burst your bubble but this is a completely 100% true story and is
      how I got started in doing what I am doing with Perkune audiophile cables
      and what a journey it has been!

      best regards


    1. Hello Peter,

      I have every respect for Nordost and love their products and have a great experience with them.
      Nordost was my inspiration to produce a cable as good but at a far better price point. I was able
      to do this and have done a side by side comparison with all their cables up to Valhalla.
      In answer to your question, I am not being paid by any company to advertise their products. I do
      make reference to other companies products in my blogs as there are great products out there

      Regards Paul

    2. ..I’m a registered PE with over 40 yrs experience in power distribution. As such I’ve always been as skeptical as it gets when it comes to this topic. Several years ago just for giggles I borrowed several exotic power cords from my local dealer and went about A/Bing with the OEM cords that came with my CD player. Bottom line, yes there was a difference…the challenge became which was better? Long story short I’ve replaced every OEM cord with Lessloss PCs and never looked back. Now I’m sure the gentleman who posted the “utter BS” comment will feel the need to trash what I’ve posted here…his loss 😎

      1. Hello Gavin – Great words indeed and thank you

        I have met Louis Motek CEO of Lessloss and we became friends. we have met five times and three of these were at my home in Vilnius, Lithuania. This was several years ago when Louis was introducing his power cords into the marketplace. I have actually owned Four basic and two signature Power cords and also Interconnects, loudspeaker cables, and the Black body.
        I have every respect for Loius because of his professionalism and he does make great cables. In the same manner, I owned many of the Nordost cables after my experience with Lessloss and was part of my learning experience and certainly, helped me to develop my own cables. I am doing things a little bit differently and have developed the AirGap isolation which helps my cables to sound better. This is by greatly reducing vibrations, both naturally occurring and engineered and my cables absorb over 50% of the vibration energy at frequencies from 10 to 30,000 Hertz.
        I hope this helps Gavin and happy listening to you.

        Best regards


  2. Hey Paul,

    I’ve been through similar experiences to yours with a variety of cables not to mention battery powered components and have been amazed each and every time.

    I have read the references to Nordost and just wanted to check if your suggesting your cables are of equal quality. I am interested to check with a local supplier and give your cables a go.

    I am currently using Gryphon interconnects, N****** Flatline Copper speaker cable and power cables I’ve made myself from 6/9’s OFC in a litz configuration that I think is rather good.

    Anyway just wanted to congratulate you on your products and I look forward to demoing them soon.


    Brad Bloodworth

    1. hello Brad

      I thank you for your very kind words and understand where you are coming from.
      To answer your question I can say yes my cables are on par with the Nordost
      the range of cables and would sit in between the Tyr and Valhalla series.
      I make the cables to your personal order and ship worldwide to keep costs down
      to cut out the middle man. I am more than happy to help you and look forward to
      working together.

      best regards



  3. I wanted to make a comment/ invite discussion regards to this statement from the article where you invited comment.

    “There are no clinical trials, scientific studies or measurements made on audio cables and power cords. Nothing has ever been done. The reason is the lack of equipment necessary to measure the performance of the sound. How can you measure the feelings, emotions, and elements that make the sound? Also the width, depth, and dimension of the sound? How to measure the quality, quantity, and dynamics of the sound? If you know, then please share because we all would like to know.”
    Because you said no testing had ever been done, you must not be aware of the exciting science of Null testing done on cables! Null testing takes any 2 cables and inverts one of the signals. Any differences in distortions, dynamic changes, coloration, etc from either cable will result in a signal not being canceled out and can be precisely measured or heard!

    If a cable is more dynamic, then one will hear residual sound which is the difference between the more dynamic and less dynamic cables. It would be awesome to have some actual readings showing the performance of each of your cables!


    1. Hello Greg

      I am familiar with the work Ethan has done and we have has a couple of emails before.
      The Null test is OK but can only tell part of the story. The cable has to be tested in
      environment into which it is used because of the synergy of the complete system.
      Companies like Nordost, for example, spend millions every year in research on cables and
      cable improvement because there is more to sound than we realize.
      Would be more than happy to test anyone’s cables if Nathan would send me a tester but then
      it would only be applicable to my system!

      best regards


      1. No, companies like Nordost do not spend millions every year in research on cables. They spend millions every year in marketing. There is only a small handful of companies that actually make cables. Most of them in China. The rest put fancy connectors on the cables, and market/brand them. Do you understand the concept of a null test? It shows there is no physical difference in the signal. How can that depend on the system?

        1. Hello Julf

          The null test goes only so far because after all wire is wire, It is the geometry of the cable that makes a difference to the overall sound.
          The amount of shielding and the way a cable handles vibrations. The construction of a cable tends to be more audible than the actual materials.

          Please have a look at these – I have actually attended the Nordost seminar a few years ago and am totally familiar and how the test were carried out.
          You can hear the difference easily on a laptop but if you plug in a good pair of headphones then if you are unable to hear you need your ears worked
          on –

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwYr20ZU8Ao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krxlv15MiLA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k10ZDKw_87A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5Z50l14blc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETeDaGyImTE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EI3IA_WACU

          Happy listening – BTW my power cords are comparable with Nordost Valhalla


  4. Your article states:

    “There are no clinical trials, scientific studies or measurements made on audio cables and power cords. Nothing has ever been done.”

    Then in one of your replies to a commenter:

    “Companies like Nordost, for example, spend millions every year in research on cables and cable improvement because there is more to sound than we realize.”

    Which is it? No research or millions for research? If the research by Nordost supports their contentions, then provide us a link to that.

  5. “The reason is the lack of equipment necessary to measure the performance of the sound”, so this is much like Faith applied to audio

    1. Hello Rayner

      I would say more like personal interaction – Have a read of this review of a power cord by Ploish revier expert Ludwig Hegel
      becaue I love the ways he explain how the difference can be small but subtle

      Best regards


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