Power cord results

power cord results

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From Lithuania 

I’m happy owner of three power cables purchased from Paul and it was very interesting for me to try speaker cable and RCA interconnection cable build using same new technology. I should say that new cables exceed my expectations. First, I connected speaker cables instead of Arkana Aequilibrium bass became tighter, overall imaging more transparent, and airy. Comparing with Audioquest K2 “white speaker cable” has a clearer high end and better soundstage while keeping full bodied, not boomy low end.  Next me of the Audioquest Sky – the effect was clearly noticeable and not prominent – higher dynamic range, cable is absolutely silent.”  Regards, Dmitry Novikov

From USA

Hi Paul, Late here 11:10 pm. I hooked up my system with the new power cord for the Preamp.  Yes, it does sound better.  Background music a little cleaner and Soundstage is better too.  The biggest difference was when you set up my speaker system. Love the Sound!!  And dynamics better too!!  Clarity was there after you tweaked my system.  Yes, it sounds like Melody Gardot (singer) is really performing in my House!!  Thank you!! Your Interconnects and power cable are very good!!  Well, you have a nice day!” THX Lan

From Lithuania power cord results

Hi, Paul Love the new cord! have barely got to test it, but it really makes a difference. SMOOTH SOUND and better detail/resolution. This is from wall socket to line filter. Tried direct to my CD, but so far I liked to have the cord this way.  Will do more testing…
As for the suggestions, thank you. Will look into some of them.  Right now I`m having trouble with rooms acoustics but will buy more power cords from you and will become a good customer”  Best regards – Augusta

From Hawaii

I purchased a set of interconnects, power cable and speaker cables. Paul had a money back guarantee and the price were right. He also helps me arrange my speakers in my music room to get the best possible sound. After sending Paul photos and measurement of my room. Over a period of 3 adjustments, I auditioned my system and the sound was so much better. I would say performance improved about 20-25%! The sound stage, clarity and depth of the music improved. I am very satisfied with Paul has done for me!!! I recommend him Highly!!  Lance.

From Lithuania

Hi Paul and I am very pleased to send you the power cord results. Your power cord is really good and what I think that it needs better promotion among audiophiles and think you should try to sell it through Audiogon?…..and should think about visualization i.e. print some name, trademark on it”… Best regards, Vaidas

From Slovenia

Hi Paul, These cables are huge magic after you listen to you want to cry of indescribable fantastic emotions Paul – thank you so much, as I am a happy customer of yours.” Regards Keiko

From USA

Hi Paul, The boominess of the room is better, it seems.  The positioning of instruments is better like this than when the speakers had more room. To be blunt, I am shocked by your ability to guide this far…I feel like I may have finally found the sweet spot!  I had not considered how directional these speakers could be – it is true, these are for the selfish audiophile as there is only a single great seat! – WARMEST regards  Monte

From UK

Hi Paul, I am a good customer and just want to say how impressed I am with what you have done for me over the past couple of months and I have all your cables and thought there was nothing else that could be done to make my sound better apart From buying new amps and speakers. You are a magician, the way that you can look at my set up and have me move things a few inches here and there is unbelievable how this can effect the sound in my room and your knowledge is better than my computer and microphone that I was using to set things up so again very big thank you and I will recommend you to everyone I meet – regards Rom.

From Lithuania

Hi Paul, I want to say, thank you for your help in setting up my system and now sounds the best I have ever heard and you have a big talent that is for sure! I will certainly tell my friends who have sound systems about what you have done for me as I am impressed, to say the least  – Best regards, Vaidas

From Hawaii

Hi, Paul – I want to thank you for the way my system is sounding and by simple movement has brought new details and Imaging. I think there is a market for setting up a sound system like you did for me to arrange to get maximum performance so thanks for the speaker placements tips –THX Lan

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