Great new Audiophile interconnect by Perkune

Great new interconnect

This is the great new Audiophile 1.3 meter interconnect that we have been working on for the past few months and has been designed to bring more information from the music to the listener. The Interconnect is available either RCA or XLR connections.I expect the first thing you will ask is why it is 1.3 meters in length as this is a figure that has never been used before.


XLRWhen a cable is being developed there so are many different factors to take into consideration and this is why is takes a certain amount of time before the cable can be called ready to go. The cable must be very well made so it will stand up to any type of handling and also will stand the test of time. The cable has to be constructed in such a way that it is neutral, transparent and musical. The cable has to allow everything from the recorded information to be heard and felt by the listener and at the same time retain the speed and dynamics of the musical passage.

Cable Length

GREAT NEW INTERCONNECTWe have found by testing many different configurations that the length of the cable does many different things with regards to the final sound that is heard by the listener and so this is one of the reasons we have ended up with a value of 1.3 meters. We wanted this cable to be very well received and so many areas had to be satisfied in order to qualify all the requirements. Too much length gave one result and too little length gave another result and it was all worked out simply by trial and error.


RCA Termination

RCA terminationThe Iterconnect is made from the same material that all our interconnects and loudspeaker cables are made from.

The cable is made in Italy by Tasker and shipped to Lithuania for termination. The Interconnects are supplied by Neutrik and are 24-karat gold plated for perfect signal transmission.

.XLR Termination

XLRThe termination is carried out in our workshop here in Vilnius, Lithuania under controlled conditions and then tested. The cables then undergo a three CD burn in procedure and this is followed by an antistatic treatment prior to shipping.


The new 1.3 meter interconnect is in a league of its own. The cable is able to give a much bigger soundstage than a standard one-meter interconnect. Another important factor is transparency and this is where the 1.3 interconnect excels. Also, the interconnect is able to show better detail, Instrument positioning and gives a more life-like musical listening experience. The cable has improved speed and dynamics and the tone range is improved. The changes were more impressive with the XLR terminated cable as one would expect and I feel that we have really produced a cable that has no competition with regards to price/performance.


The 1.3 meter interconnect is available in either RCA or XLR configuration and is supplied with antistatic bags and bubble wrap protection and then packed in shock resistant 5KG packing box. The price of the RCA version is 224 Euros and the XLR version is 278 Euros and the shipping is as always – FREE!

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