Airdream Silver Cable

Airdream Silver loudspeaker CableThe AirDream Silver loudspeaker cable. And, we know there is a distinct difference between the sound from a copper cable and a silver cable. Every person has a preference because we all hear differently. And, it cannot be said, silver is better than copper, or copper is better than silver. They are two different metals and so, two different sounding cables. But, each has its own merits.

The AirDream Silver loudspeaker cable, introduced January 2021 could be the last cable you will ever buy. And, was designed and constructed by professionals with a lifetime of experience. And, I am offering a cable with the highest level of performance at this price point in the market place today.


Matrix Banana connectionsAirDream Silver loudspeaker cable, fitted with NextGen 24K gold plated ‘Positive contact’ banana plugs. The plugs are copper bodied, anti-corrosive, and make for even better contact for a perfect audio connection. The plugs are also filled inside with felt isolation. Which, is used to reduce vibrations and interference for external sources in the nearby areas.


The Airdream 'Silver' loudspeaker Cable

Cable construction is first class. And, employes three-level ‘AirGap’ isolation. Also, PTFE binding with dual layers of Felt Isolation and PVC covering. Termination is with 24K gold plated ‘Positive contact’ banana connections. The cable, also supplied with angled spade terminal blades. Which, are 2.0 mm thick, 15 mm external, fitting studs from 5.0 mm to 9.0 mm. And, terminated in the same fashion as the bananas. But, the choice as always, is yours!


Anti-static padsStatic is a killer to your audio performance and so the cables are fitted with Anti-static pads. The idea is to spray your cables every three months with anti-static fluid. And, this will help remove any static and also help reduce static build up. You will be surprised the difference in sound you will hear after performing this simple static spray. And, there is a bottle of anti-static fluid supplied with your cables.


Airdream performanceThe AirDream Silver loudspeaker cable is a great sounding cable. But, because of terminations used, a more robust performance presented. This cable is best of both worlds and brings a new level of excitement to the music! Transparency is remarkable, allowing detail and micro details to float in the soundstage. And, you will be genuinely impressed by the quality of performance. It is hard to understand how your sound can change just by changing a cable. 

  • Cable size: 16 x 10 mm.
  • Conductor size: 2.50 mm x 2
  • Conductors: Silver-plated (2.45g/m) O.F.C.
  • Conductors: 50 strands x 0.07 mm.
  • Resistance: 0.014 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 60 pF/meter.
  • Inductance: 0.7uH.
  • Insulation: Tripple AirGap/PTFE/PVC
  • Isolation: Felt tape (Double wound)
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PB-HB x 2
  • Antistatic pads x 2.

Reference Interconnect

Power cable

Customer testimonials


2.0 meter – banana connection 897 Euros

2.5 meter – banana connection 997 Euros

3.0 meter – banana connection 1097 Euros

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