Best bi-wired speaker cable

Best bi-wired speaker cable

For the past three months, I have been testing the difference between crossover cables. And from the results I have written this Best bi-wired speaker cable blog ~

Best bi-wired speaker cable

True or false

The first thing to ask is why bi-wired? Because there is much discussion about this topic and it seems that half the people reading will say they believe in bi-wiring and the other half will say “it is all a load of old rubbish” – Please click to read more

At this point, I will be quite honest with you, as I never really paid attention to bi-wired cables. I thought what was the point as everything is the same. So how could move the metal plates and replace them with a cable make any difference to the sound heard?

When you think about the difference between a piece of metal and a cable it all begins to make sense. What is the piece of metal made of and just how good is it for signal transmission? Also, the actual size of the piece of metal and what is the resistance created to the signal? If the piece of metal is coated then again what is it coated with and how does that coating react to the signal passing through it?

The first cable

To answer this question I decided to remove the metal bridging plates and replace with a cable. The cable used was from my collection and offered zero capacitance and resistance over a one-meter length. And was cut to twenty-five centimetre and terminated with banana and spade connections – Please click to read more

A spade connection was fitted to the lower terminal and the banana connection fitted to the upper terminal. I moved the loudspeakers to exactly the same position as they were prior to making the changes. And then it was time for the moment of truth, would I hear any difference?  Best bi-wired speaker cable

I put on my test track and listened to the sound and was pleasantly surprised because I could really hear a difference and decided to go for lunch to let the cables bed in. Upon my return, I was again surprised as the differences became more apparent. And because of the positive result decided to go to the next step and construct a bi-wired cable.

The second cable

The cable used was again from my collection and cut to three and a half meters. The tails for the amplifier were left at twenty centimetres and the speaker tails thirty centimetres. Cable split was made using 24k direct gold-plated twin screwed collars and terminated without the need for soldering. Banana connections used were 24K direct gold-plated twin screwed connections. This makes our cable solder-free and a very important step in cable construction and sets us apart from the others!

It took two days to make the cable too and I really enjoyed the construction process. I connected everything together and then inserted my test CD and pressed play. I then left the system playing to bed it in for an hour whilst I cleaned up in the workshop and made ready for the listening tests and cable comparison


Before I share my results, I want you to understand that I did not believe bi-wiring made any difference. I have always believed a good quality cable was the way to go. In numerous dealer demonstrations I have attended over the past few years all cables have been standard configuration. And the speakers have been used with the metal links in place.

I am the sort of person who is very open-minded and always ready to try something new and I love the expression “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” as this is true with everything in this life today. It makes me very sad when a person expresses their opinion on a topic without even trying for him or herself. And I think this is why there is so much confusion in the market place today. Another point is that a person could be using a great cable and tries a lower quality bi-wired cable. There will be a decrease in performance and this is often overlooked and so the bi-wired cable is not so good.

The results

I want you to know that all cables used were the same quality and terminated in the same way. The position of the equipment in the listening room was kept in exactly the same position. I was able to use my wife’s ears as confirmation on my results.

My first test was to hear if there were any differences between the metal bridging plates and an audio cable. The answer is yes. The difference was better bass and a feeling of solidarity. Mids and upper edges in the music were more defined and there seemed to be more energy in the presentation. That was what I heard and that was what my wife heard and those results prompted me to continue. Best bi-wired speaker cable

My second test was to hear if there were any differences between the jumper cable and the bi-wired cable. Again the answer is yes. This time there appeared middle detail that I had never heard before. There seemed better transparency but the most interesting observation was a feeling of freshness. If you could imagine looking at the Milky Way on a crystal clear evening and feeling every detail in the air then that was how it appeared. There was more sense of 3D and I could hear detail all the way around and even behind.

The customer

This cable was sent to a customer in the USA after he read ‘Best bi-wired speaker cable’ blog this is what he said about the cables ~

“Hello Paul – The new 4-meter bi-wire showed up last night – had a brief chance to listen to them. Initial impressions are good – highs are much smoother than the Tributaries, midrange more natural, haven’t listened to anything with enough deep bass to tell yet but is steadily improving. Most noticeable everything is more unified now instead of highs, mids and lows separate from each other as with the old cables. The soundstage is less wide but much deeper.”  Thanks, Nick


I will say that for me and in my system, I heard an improvement in both cases. The improvement was far more than I expected and so I have added both these cables to our range. If you are looking for the Best bi-wired speaker cable you are welcome to try the jumper cable or the bi-wired cable because you never know you may like it!

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6 thoughts on “Best bi-wired speaker cable

  1. Hi Paul,

    This is very interesting I have never actually heard a bi-wiring set before but after reading your post it sounds like I will after do something about that, this is an excellent explanation on bi-wiring.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hello Brent

      This is a very hard request because the Euro keeps changing every day as
      today it is 1 Euro = 1.17955 USD and a week ago it was 1 Euro = 1.18166
      and the week before was 1.17910.

      If you are interested in anything just simply put it into the cart section
      and it calculate for you but I am quite happy to accept 1 euro for 1 USD.
      Just read the price list as if it were USD OK

      also if you buy more than one item I will give a 10% reduction on the whole
      order which makes it excellent value for money

      Best regards


  2. If your amp has A/B outputs, there’s a poor man’s bi-amping that can be done. One set of speaker cables on the A and one set on the B. When I tested much as you have, this is an improvement over bi-wire.

    1. Hello Ken

      Thank you for writing and I agree with you complete on this.

      But now I am working on the Jumper idea because the speaker bridging links are the weakest “link”
      in the system.
      Today I have been working with a 30 centre cable with Banana connections each end. I have a spade
      crossover that connects to the speaker and tone end of the banana plugs straight in to it and the
      other end jumps to the second speaker post where the bridging link was. It ooks great and sounds
      great and tomorrow I will test which way sounds the best and by that I mean to plug the main cables
      from the amp into the LF and jump across to the HF or feed directly into the HF and jump down to
      the LF – any thoughts would be welcomed

      Best regards


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