Rega Sub-platter Upgrade

Rega Sub-platter UpgradeAcoustand Audio are proud to announce the new Rega Sub-platter Upgrade for the following models (and more coming soon)

Planar 1 2, 3, 25, 5, P1, P2, P3, P24, P25 and P5

Edwards Audio TT1 + Variants, Moth and Nad

Rega Sub-platter Upgrade

This Precision made Sub-platter with hi carbon polished steel spindle is made from hi grade 6082 high strength alloy and finished in a super hi quality anodised satin finish. This fine finish exudes quality and will not corrode or discolour over time like a plain turned or polished alloy will and does not show fingerprints.The Spindle is slightly longer on top than original for record clamps.

We have just 15 of these precision made sub-platters in silver.


For Your Information There Are 1000 Microns In 1 millimeter

Runout typically within 2 microns or less.

Spindle shaft typically 1-2 microns of original bearing.

Physical platter is exactly same as original.

This sub-platter has a unique feature where the 18mm centre collar with red rubber ring can be removed so to allow a non Rega Main platter to be used, perhaps a custom made platter with just a standard spindle hole. All Rega Platters have a 18mm centre hole so your pretty much stuck with whats available, with this sub-platter however it is possible to use a plethora of platters if the surface is level under the platter.

If you have what you believe to be a Rega Based turntable let us know as much info and photos to identify which model you have before purchasing.

We also have sub-platter upgrades for the project Xpression 2/3 & Project Debut in our other listings.

Rega pics

The plastic lightweight sub-platter that came with your turntable listed above though good at it’s job can be massively improved upon bringing so much more detail and mass to your lightweight turntable.

We have put a considerable amount of time and research into these products and this will sure to be experienced by you with astonishing results.

The bearing that came with your Rega is good quality and easily capable of carrying the extra weight of this new sub-platter.

Upgrading your turntables sub-platter and/or bearing or both is one of the best and easiest upgrades you can do. Remove your old sub-platter and ball bearing. Clean out your bearing and drop the ball bearing back into it and pop around 6 drops of oil into it and on the spindle of the new sub-platter before placing it in. Be sure not to force it in just put it in a little gently turning it and let it gently self lower, which can take some time. A little oil may come up to the top of the bearing but this is normal.

It is recommended you re-new your oil when changing sub-platters.

Oil kits also available on our other listings.

If you have any questions please ask.

This item will despatch same day or within 1-2 working days

Pricing and ordering for the Turntable Sub-Platter Upgrade For Rega Nad Edwards please click here

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4 thoughts on “Rega Sub-platter Upgrade

  1. Why did you not change out the steel ballbearing for a ceramic ballbearing. All tests I have read seem to indicate a quieter running subplatter.

    1. Hello Ray,

      I have passed your question over to Lee as he is te expert in this field and please
      do not hesitate to contact if you arev in need of Tone arm cable or anything at all

      best regards


  2. For those of us who are visually impaired like myself, could you please tell me is the bottom of the subplatter shaft rounded like a ball, or is it just a straight flat 90 degrees at the end of the shaft?

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