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This is the latest Audiophile headphone cable and a step up from the first one produced. The addition of three-level AirGap isolation helps to remove vibration and electronic interference, allowing you to hear more of the music – read more


From Norway
Hi Paul
Before I say more about the sound, I must say that I’m not so familiar with oppo’s (205) headphone output. Usually, when I use headphones I plug them right in the mobile phone or use a Portable headphone amp (oppo HA2) But What I difference as I never heard my headphones sound like this!!  The sound has so much more foundation and scale!!  I Love how the details are so authentic. The speed and energy are just amazing and am now beginning to understand what head-fi really can sound like! This is a whole new experience for me, listening to my headphones like this and just LOVE IT!!  Can’t thank you enough, Paul, for opening my eyes and ears to the world of head-fi – Best from Eirik
From the UK

Hi Paul – well you have done it again because this new headphone cable really is the BIZ and I LOVE it! Still cannot understand how my headphone sound much better with this cable in the line does not make sense but after all, I am only a model –  Rommy XX


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