Bi-wire adapter

Bi-wire adapterThe Bi-wire adapter is a new concept in the audiophile world. And, designed as a cost-effective solution to provide a quick and easy way to improve your listening pleasure. There are people who absolutely love bi-wiring. And, others who are not even aware of what Bi-wiring is.

There are always debates on forums with regards to the pros and cons of Bi-wiring. And, you would be surprised just how many people think it is a load of rubbish. But, like everything else, you have to experience it for your self!

Bi-wire adapter

In the Extreme series, each Bi-wire adapter is 35.0 centimetres in length with one (female) banana connection and two (male) Banana plugs. Three-level ‘AirGap’ isolation with first-line Silver foil sheathing is incorporated. But, the length of the tails really depends on you, and how much leeway you have with your system. I have simply given an optimum value to where the system works and the sound is good, and response great!


4 x Bi-wire conversion tails ~ 497 Euros


With the Standard series, each Bi-wire adapter is 24.0 Centimeters in length with one (female) banana connection and two (male) Banana plugs. Two-level AirGap isolation is used.

4 x Bi-wire conversion tails ~ 397 Euros

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