The Audiophile VibaPad

The Audiophile VibaPad standard ~

Specification: 50 mm x 6.35 mm – Material Sorbothane

The Audiophile VibaPad is recommended for Loudspeakers, Power amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Receivers. CD players, Media players, DAC’s, Power conditioners and Power filters.

The cost is 12 Euros per pad, but normally supplied in a set of four.

4 x VibaPads 48 Euros

The Audiophile VibePad GOLD ~

80 mm x 25 mm – Sorbothane, polyfoam, special glass compound

Recommended for Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, CD players, Turntables, Loudspeakers, Power Filters and Audio cables. 

3 x VibePads 97 Euros

Payment details

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