Audiophile headphone cable

Audiophile headphone cable

What a GREAT email to receive!

From Norway ~
Hi Paul, I have been listening to the Audiophile headphone cable for just over twenty hours. I must say how surprised I am the way the sound has really opened up. Some artist/recordings, you only get the intimacy you need through really good headphones. Listening to the album “Post” is now a real treat for me and I just LOVE every part of it!
The Audiophile headphone cable brings more clarity, not only to her beautiful voice but All ambient sounds in the recording. Even more impressive quality the cable brings is the feeling of more space!
The sound is pure and has a liveliness that draws you in. Bass is firm and nicely presented!!
Instruments sound very nice with authentic appearances and natural flow, all of this, gives you a fantastic listening experience. The soundstage is huge and lots of depth! You don’t get tired of listening because it all flows so delightfully!
I really do not understand just by adding this cable has made such a big difference to the sound from my headphones.
I’m so impressed with the sound, that I will cherish this Audiophile headphone cable for a long time to come! If anyone is serious about head-fi they really need to listen to this!
Eirik Rouppert – Norway
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  1. Just want to say i have used perkune studio cables and power cords and now this new headphone cable and it rocks and makes my headphones for mixing easier and better to mix with – thanks for a great product

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