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Restore my sound set upI really love what I do which is help a person improve the sound from their audio system. You have spent a great deal of money to build your system and I know you are not getting all you could. This is why I offer the Restore my sound service.

I have spent my life working with sound and audiophile systems and I know exactly what I am doing and how to get the best sound from an existing system. When I finished the system set up and see the smile on the persons face and my hand is shaken so warmly that’s a feeling that money can’t buy!

Today we have Skype which is a wonderful tool and with the use of Skype I am able to help you set up your audio system in more ways than you could imagine and this is a FREE service

If however you would prefer me to visit then please feel to send me a message below because I am ready to travel anywhere at any time!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Restore my sound service I am offering and if you have please share with friends by using the share button below – thank you

12 thoughts on “Restore my sound

  1. Wow, seeing as how you have been to so many different countries to help others with their sound system is amazing knowing that they are satisfied with the results!

    I hear all the time about sound systems not being as good as consumers feel so it is nice to know that you are available to travel wherever anyone may need help with their sound.

    With the amount of countries you have already been to just for this, that is quite impressive!

    My question is, what difference in sound should I expect to get with the service you are providing? Would that make the audio system go louder? Or would it be for being able to hear everything which is in the audio file?

    1. Hello and thank you for your comments

      I have a gift and by using my gift I am able to position your equipment so that allow the music to become focused. The results in some case are really amazing and people just cannot understand what I have done! 

      The results are a better bass – tighter deeper and more realistic. The soundstage opens up and you feel the air and the space that exists to the extent of a 3D effect in most situations. You will hear details that you have never heard before and also the total picture become more dynamic with a true sense of realism!

      I know that this sounds a lot but it is true and it is my dream to travel the world and help people to enjoy their music as it was meant to be heard and enjoyed

      Best regard


  2. These look incredible! I’m amazed that you’ve done so many sound setups in SO MANY different countries – how do you manage the traveling with so much gear and expensive setups? I’m an Audio Engineer and full time musician by trade – have you done setups for studios, or are you focused on domestic setups?

    On a side note, I notice you’ve got a slight SSL issue with your website by the way, the padlock in the URL has a yellow warning.

    1. Hello and thank you for your comments

      It is very easy because I love what I do and in my home circle called “the expert”

      The systems are from friends and friend of friends and I get invited over to hear the systems that are already in place and once I hear how bad some of them are I can easily k=make adjustments

      All I need are a few special hand tools and my knowledge to make a huge difference.

      I have done one set up for a small studio in London with great results but I would LOVE to get invited to do some really big studios and concerts etc

      Best regards


  3. It is nice that you will travel to so many different countries to set up someone’s stereo system. What do you do to the system to give it the best sound it can get? You must know your systems well.
    A great sounding system is very important to me as well.
    Well, good luck with setting up such amazing systems all over the world. I can’t wait to see where your next job will lead you. I will keep an eye on your site.

    1. Hello Bobby and thank you for your comment

      The way is the correct positioning of the loudspeakers and the distance from the walls. Also where the amplifiers are located and how they are placed. There are many factors to take into account like carpeting, curtains paintings and furniture placement.

      I feel like an artist at work as I create the musical picture


  4. Hello Paul,
    It is amazing that you visit so many countries to improve the sound system.
    I think you are gifted with this natural talent which, only a very few people get. As a sound system expert, you are doing a very good Job.
    I was surprised to read that, someone is traveling to different countries to improve the audio system. Then I understood that your naturally inherited expertise and talent are making people approach you.

    Thank you

    1. Hello and thank you for your words

      And Yes it really is a talent that I have which has been with me since day one!

      Best regards


    1. Hello Fred

      I thank you very much for your words and the thing I
      learn was actually how to focus the speaker to make the sound better
      just like when you use a camera – has to be in focus!

      best regards


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