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Audiophile Surprise cable results

And this has happened to me? I am in Hi-Fi for more than 45 years! And now, this ‘simple’ cable made all my seven Hi-Fi systems sound better than ever before! Unbeleiveable!

First impressions Audiophile Intro Surprise cable review
When I connected the Surprise cable I was surprised (shocked), and impressed. The difference in sound between my existing cable and the “Surprise” cable was clear, obvious, and I could hardly believed my ears. What a clean sound? Excellent resolution! Voices are clearer, and much more distinctive, with a lot of finesse. Fantastic soundstage and Stereo localisation. All records (LP, and CD) sound better. All sounds, voices and instruments are so clean, and undistorted. Listening is a joy, even at much higher volume. No aural fatique. It is like a »clear and sunny« v.s. »cloudy and rainy« day. 

I was enthusiastic about the new sound, however as an electronic engineer I had no valid explanation about why this cable influences the sound so very persuasively. I performed some basic computer based electroacoustical measurements, and various listening tests. Here is a short summary report:

Standard, classic loudspeaker measurements gave no answer to the basic question about why this cable sounds so good. Three consecutive impedance plots for three cables “Surprise” cable, Van den Hul cable and Conrad (no-name) cable were recorded with almost identical result over the entire frequency range. The same was with the acoustic frequency response measurements where no visible differences were detected. I expected to detect at least a little difference, but I was disappointed – No differences
Listening tests

I performed Fifty-four short listening tests according to the plan matrix bellow:

The Cables: “Surprise” cable, Van den Hul cable, Conrad (No Name) cable
The Amplifiers: Naim NAP 110 solid state, and Cayin Spark 530 tube)
The Loudspeakers: Tannoy 3LS, Klipsch Cornwall, Spendor BC3, Spendor BC1, Rogers Ls3/5a, Linn Sara, Cabasse Dinghy 221, Cabasse Escadre, Klein&Hummel TX-2.
All Fifty-four listening tests confirmed my previous impressions, and assessments, which I could describe with the following key words:

The “Surprise” cable: 10/10 (my new reference): rich, detailed, wide, lifelike, clear, clean, present, outstanding, fine, exciting, punch, quick, sharp, soft, natural.
Van den Hul cable: 6/10  neutral, good, nice, fine, rich, full, O.K., correct.
Conrad (no-name) cable: 3/10 O.K., good, plain, average, not bad, slow, mellow, normal, boring, nothing special. Audiophile Intro Surprise cable review

The differences are very clear. More sound stage, music seems to flow out of the loudspeakers so easily. When I listened to the “Jazz at the Pawnshop” (Klipsch Cornwall, Tannoys), closed my eyes, and turned back from the loudspeakers, I questioned myself: »Am I in the club, or is it a club in my room?”.  Amazing!

Results Audiophile Intro Surprise cable review

Audiophile Intro Surprise cable review

The “Surprise cable” gave the best results. Score 10/10 sets this cable as my new cable reference. All loudspeakers sound significantly better with the “Surprise cable”. This cable is a passive element, no doubt about that … however comparing to some other cables it seems to work like an “active device”, like some kind of a “voice stimulator” … it acts like a “morning coffee” … After 150 hours the sound is just a pure bliss – vocals are so rich, details are amazing, and I hear details that I never heard before!


At the moment I STILL HAVE NO VALID OBJECTIVE EXPLANATION about why this cable sounds so good. However, I believe that the answers should be hidden, and researched within the following cable properties: MECHANICAL (material-purity, structure, silver-copper combination), ELECTRICAL (phase-coherent signal propagation, conductance, low distortion), and MAGNETIC (magnetic material polarisation).

The “Surprise” cable immediately proved it was not a “Mickey Mouse” cable but was a real Hi-end, Very serious and very affordable cable.

Author of the Audiophile Intro ‘Surprise’ cable review: Mitja Borko (Slovenian audio engineer and & Klipsch enthusiast)
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