Audio interconnect review by Hans Hilberink

Audio interconnect 1.3 meter

Audio interconnect. specificationsThe Audio interconnect review for this cable is available on the Tannoy monitor gold website and to read the review and the lab tests please click here 

I think it is important to have my cables tested and reviewed by an independent company. This is the only way for a prospective buyer to be assured of the quality of the cables. I hope that you will enjoy reading this review in the same manner as I did.


I am very proud of my cables for two reasons. The first reason in the way in which they are they are built and the second is the sound.

It has taken me many years of research and trial and error to discover this but as the saying goes “where there is a will there is a way” and my will was to produce an Audio interconnect cable, which was the best value for money.

The Cable that I use is actually the best quality recording studio microphone cable, which has a completely flat frequency response. The cable has minimal resistance and capacitance and this is why it makes your audio system sound so good.

Technical Specification

Capacitance: conductor to shield: < 200 pF/meter, ~60 pF/foot.
Capacitance: shield L to shield R: < 90 pF/meter, ~25 pF/foot.

Resistance: core < 0.07 Ohms/meter
Resistance: shield < 0.08 Ohms/meter

Inductance: shield < 0.02mH /total length
Inductance: core ~ 0.01mH /total length

Frequency response: 0-10MHz flat: perfect.

Square wave response: no distortion from 5Hz up to 2MHz: perfect.

Channel separation L-R: < 135 dB at 0.77 V RMS, 20 Hz-20kHz, for 2.2 M. better than 140 dB for 1M: perfect.

The above figures are from the Audio interconnect review.


I hope you enjoyed reading the Audio interconnect review as much as I did.