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An audio system can be a combination of old and new components because building an audio system often takes years to complete. And the one item that is often overlooked is how to get the system in focus and achieve perfect sound.

With all the formats now available to us, we still need to know how to get in focus and achieve perfect sound. So what is meant by ‘getting in focus’ when applied to audio. If you take a picture of an audio system and the camera is not quite in focus the picture will not please the eye. In the same manner when an audio system is not adjusted correctly and out of focus, it will sound not as good as it should.

I really love what I do which is help a person improve the sound from their audio system. You have spent a great deal of money to build your system and I know you are not getting all you could. This is why I offer the Restore my sound service.

I have spent my life working with sound and audiophile systems and I know exactly what I am doing and how to get the best sound from an existing system. When I finished the system set up and see the smile on the persons face and my hand is shaken so warmly that’s a feeling that money can’t buy!

Today we have Skype which is a wonderful tool and with the use of Skype I am able to help you set up your audio system in more ways than you could imagine and this is a FREE service

If however you would prefer me to visit then please feel to send me a message below because I am ready to travel anywhere at any time!

Set up procedure

There are eight steps which have to be followed in order to get the system ready to be heard as it was meant to be heard.

The first step is remove static from all components using anti static mist.

Second step is ‘de-gauss’ (internal cleaning) using three-frequency sweep CD’s.

Third step is check all the cabling, re-arrange and clean connections and terminations.

Fourth step is  check alignment of system cabling which includes power cord polarity.

Firth step is check placement of all items and re-position for maximum separation.

Sixth step is check speaker positions, wall space and relationship to audio equipment.

Seventh step is  focus the loudspeakers in relation to the listening position.

Eighth step will be to sit back, relax and listen how good the system now sounds!

The system ‘set-up’ takes approximately three hours.

Shown below are pictures of just some systems that I have set up over the past eighteen months. The systems are in Lithuania, Denmark, United kingdom, United States,   Greenland and  Hawaii

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24 thoughts on “System comments

  1. Hi Paul, You offer some very practical and cost saving information on sound systems.
    I make music but am not as knowledgeable at blending the final product I have shared this on FB and Google +

    1. Hello Marty,

      Understand and the thing is if you are not fully able to heard everything that you have to miux
      then the mix will never be quite as good as it should –
      I always advise to spend that little bit extra on good cables as this will do wonders in the mix

      best regards


  2. Hello Paul,

    This is a great service you are providing and at no cost. You are creating a lot of value and I am sure a lot of people will appreciate the help with their own systems. Thanks for posting up the pictures of the various setups you have participated in optimizing. It is really cool to see.


    1. Hello Anthony

      Thank you for you comments and I want to help

      as many people as I can because they just do not know what they are missing

      best regards


  3. What an excellent service you provide. If I had the space and finances to accommodate a HiFi system such as those you show, I would be only too happy to communicate with you to get the best out of it.

    I currently have a Denon system tailored to my needs. It is nowhere near the scope of the systems you are working with but I like the sound it produces.

    I will be following your post with interest. thank you.

    1. Hello

      Thankm yiu very much for you words and DEnon does indeed have a very good sound but if you want to send me a pic of yoiurs I think you will be surprised what I can do

      best regards


  4. Hi Paul,

    what a great idea. I knew it was important to place the speakers correctly but I never knew it was such an art. You must have had a lot of experience to be able to do it from pictures. Time and experience are great teachers.
    When I set up my next one I will be sure to consult you.

    Cheers Peter

    1. Hi Peter

      yes it is a great experience to hear the difference by just a few small movements
      yoi are welcome to send me a pic of your set up and I can walk yiou through it any time

      best regarrds


  5. Paul,
    You are amazing where you are helping others to give advise in terms of enhancing the sound in their home. Many pictures being displayed shows that you have been giving them advise and it is the spirit within you that gain my admiration and respect towards you and your work. Way to go, sir.

  6. Hi Paul,

    i would like to send you a photo of my system but i can’t find your e-mail adress. Could you please give it to me?

    Kind regards

  7. Hi Paul

    I am so pleased at having come across your website. The service your are offering here is truly amazing. I love listening to all kinds of music, from classical to pop, rock etc.etc.

    We have just placed our house on the market and as and when we move into a new property, we will contact you and hope that you can help us with the layout of our music system, speakers etc. We will probably also need advice on cabling.

    Will be in touch in the not too distant future.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Victoria,

      Well I am really pleased that we have made contact and it is
      funny how things happen but I am more than happy to help you
      in any way because it would be nice y=to have a WA picture of
      thi=eir system on my site as that would make a great blog!!!!

      best regards


  8. HI Paul, Your audio system Set up service is amazing what a wonderful service you have for the people. I had no idea the skills you have with all the setup and the pictures wow you provide a great service thank you.

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