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Since 1960, I have been involved with music and audio equipment. It all started in my mother’s kitchen by using her cleaning bowls as a drum kit. The next step was when I “borrowed” my father’s acoustic guitar (when he was out) and learned to play it. At school I made my first electric guitar and formed a group with the Headmaster playing drums. The fitness instructor playing rhythm guitar, the drama master playing bass and I played lead guitar. After leaving school, I formed my own group (as most of us did in those days) and was fortunate to meet and play with some of the great artists who are still with us today.


I began to work with live recording and studio recording and was always able to get a great mix and had the ability to create a musical picture. The positioning and re-positioning of audio equipment in the listening room came naturally to me. I was always ready to help friends set up their audio systems and paint that musical picture.

Oil and Gas

I joined the oil and gas industry in 1970 when I lost the urge to become rich and famous. The oil and gas industry was a tremendous challenge, but at the same time very rewarding and allowed me to keep up with my passion, which is high-end Audio. At the beginning of 2015, the oil and gas industry became very slow which told me the industry wanted a rest and many things began to change in my life.

Tannoy loudspeakers

I live in Vilnius, Lithuania and at the end of 2015; I became friendly with a group of Doctors who were all Tannoy Loudspeaker enthusiasts. My new friends were always trying to get the best from their audio systems and when I was able to show them my system setup technique I became known as “The Expert”.

Doctor’s orders

I was advised by my friend to get a name for my cables and bring them into the marketplace. My friend said because they sounded so good, every Audiophile needed to know they were available. This was “Doctors orders” and by some twist of fate, I found  Canadian company called Wealthy Affiliate with whom I was able to create my website and so my journey began!

49 thoughts on “About me

  1. I am very interested in your website and enjoyed reading your about me page!

    Best of luck to you on this fantastic journey!

  2. The site is looking fantastic! Very interesting blogs and sure to attract people to the site. Being an oil man myself I appreciate the reason for wanting to change.

  3. Hi Paul, your site looks great! I love the link-backs, the link-to’s, the articles and the ease of navigation on a mobile device!

    Well done, very well done!


  4. Man this website is quite loaded with passionate tech info! Thanks for having all that here, well worth a read. I hope it will evolve into something far bigger and greater 😉
    All the best mate

  5. Hello

    I love audio and have old system and have just finished fitting your audio cables to my system –
    These cable makes my system sound at least twice better best buy i ever made on cables in my big history and I want to recommend to every one

    thank you


  6. That is a very inspiring story Paul, thank you for sharing with us all! I also used to play in various bands throughout my 20’s & 30’s including Paradigm, Jones Who, Birthright, #JeremyDavidWilsonMusic and several others.

    Having the thrilling opportunity of performing in Florida, all over the State in Oklahoma and on seven different stages on music row in Nashville, Tennessee in front of thousands of listeners and many talent seekers, I can truly state how important it is to put equal energy into the “Quality” of your gear and the “setup” of your equipment because you could have the most amazing music on the face of this planet but if you make the mistake of using cheap gear and your setup is not optimized, then that alone can make your music sound “cheap” and of poor quality and listeners will begin to turn a deaf ear to your tunes (same goes for your album recording…I found this out the hard way trying to go the “inexpensive” route and the recordings ended up sounding like crud)!

    So to anybody reading this, I can attest that John is offering you “sound advice” (Pun Intended…LOL!).

    And John, I haven’t been active in the music scene for several years now (since about 2010…mainly because I was going through a stage of massive depression during that time frame) but I have been pondering the idea of getting back into it again for the mere fact that I love it….so if and when I do, all my cables have been sitting around for years and I’m sure they’re rusted or corroded by now, so before I “go live” again, I will be contacting You to order all new cables….I can’t wait to hear the difference in sound! 🙂

    All The Best,

    Jeremy David Wilson

  7. Great job Paul on your site. You are an expert in more than just music, looks like you are an expert on making your site enjoyable as well. Keep up the good work. See u at the top my friend. Greg P.

  8. Paul,
    Yes, oil and gas industry has been badly hit since 2014 till now. I am very impress with your knowledge in making cables and especially producing sound does not only comes from speakers, amplifiers but cables play a very critical role as well. Seriously you should market your cables to the rest of the world. Have you consider market your cables in Amazon? Pls remember to trademark your brand and company name. Good luck.

    1. Hello Stanley

      yes and that is why I am turnung my hobby into my business – well trying anyway!
      I am trying to market my cables through my website adn hope fully it will work but
      also as you say Amazon and I will be looking at that after the new yesr – I also
      will trade the cable name perkune but finances are too tight just now to do that
      but I thabk your for you words and hace4 a good Christmas

      best regards


  9. I always wanted a high end hifi system Paul.

    I seen the prices though, I ended up always buying a cheap stereo with no clout. No decent bass or mid range.

    In your opinion, what is the best hifi manufacturer?

    Thanks for this site


    1. Hello James,

      That is a good question and if money is a problem
      you are FAR better to look at the older stuff (as I use)
      best for speakers is either Tannoy or Wharfdale –
      best for amps Grundig or Marantz
      best cables are from Perkune

      any help then let me know

      best regards


  10. Paul,

    You are some man!! What a great website, really enjoyable and informative. I think it is a very positive contribution to our quest for true high fidelity which is so hi-jacked by the so-called audio industry, you know the hype and marketing that disappoints and disillusions so many people.

    You have made such a positive contribution. Keep up the good work.


    PS: I always meant to check out the CD Lathe. Does it really work? Do you use one??

    1. Hi Jack

      Thanks for your words and yes I certainly do use the lathe and it is better than you could imagine – you can EASILY hear the difference in some case 15% better!!!!

      best regards


  11. I have to say something of mine after seeing your passion n consistency over music I haven’t joined any band yet but I do love music more than anything else in my life yes more than my gf too, thinking to be a musician at some point of my life besides listening music I play guitar, piano and still thinking what’s next instrument to be played

    I enjoyed reading about your journey….very well written….

  12. Hi Paul, thank you for sharing this fun and informative audio site. I enjoy reading your blog and I am learning many things on audio.

  13. Great site and very informative. You definitely know your business.
    You must have a fine tuned ear as well as equipment knowledge to be able to work with
    music pros as well as making doctors happy. I have tried to make some recordings and am glad that I did but also realize the are only a work in progress.
    I hope to improve my sounds as I record with Garageband. I sent 4 songs to Fiverr to be mastered. It was a fact-finding mission to see what they could do as they were practice recordings. I haven’t recorded much in two years but know have a better idea what is involved. I may go back to it at some point but am busy now with websites.

  14. Hello Paul 🙂

    I must admit, I really love the design of your site, it stands out and is extremely catchy. Even though the visual aspects of the site are important, the written content you have provided is quality and will solve many readers issues and help them choose the right equipment. I also enjoyed reading the beginning of your journey/life adventure.

    Many thanks!

  15. Wow, Paul! I never thought you are inclined to music. That is so awesome! I believe that the quality and set-up of equipment is very important in terms of the quality of sound we wish to hear. You have definitely made a great website that could cater to the needs of many musicians. All the best ~Betcha

    1. Hello Elizabeth

      Thank you for your words

      The quality is very important and people
      Do not realize how much they are missing
      As they spend 5k for a system and 10 USD
      For the cables but if they would have been informed by the dealer and spent say 500 on the cables they would never
      Want to change the system because it would sound correct
      We all live and learn eh

      Best regards


      1. That’s the thing, dealers hardly explain. All they care about is their sales. And I’m glad you have created this website which gives a lot of information about cables and I even never realized that. I used to be in the music ministry for many years and nobody taught me that. I will definitely come by for help in the future. Thanks for sharing, Paul.

  16. Paul,
    Love your site and your fantastic articles, here. If you have Skype, then Skype me:
    My ID is halinphilly
    If you don’t, then download it it and set up an account so you can Skype mesothelioma I can help you set up your FB page.

  17. Wow. Paul… your About Me Video kicks butt!!
    I like the way you tell your story – especially the part where you learned about safety in the oil industry with a giant fire ball behind you. The humor is very good.
    But my favorite is that cool intro with the thunderlighting bolts. Who did that? Oh wait… I know. I did – LOL May I give myself a little plug here?
    Very nice website,Paul!

  18. Hi Paul, you have a great website! Glad to see someone paying attention to quality on an often overlooked product. If someone is going to pay big bucks for high end equipment, they should not neglect what connects it all together!

  19. Hi Paul I did spend some time on your site and I must say it is an amazing presentation, starting with your About Me and going across the entire menu of your site.
    Articles are well written with catchy headings and representative pictures on the side of each blog. The spacing is good and each topic has its own breathing space.
    The menu has the essential heads and covers a vast area of your business presentation, to convince a potential buyer.
    To sum up my opinion on your site it has all the necessary essentials to promote good business, if you manage to stay on the top of google’s rankings business is sure to come your way.
    Wish you all the success you need!!!

  20. Hello, Paul.
    Interesting life experience thus far:)
    I wish you continued success in your ‘expertise’ and know this…though I think you already do…
    You only need to take one step towards the destination called SUcCESS!

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