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Thank you for subscribing - My story System set-up and Contact information and subscription conformationThank you for subscribing. Perkune audiophile cables is a small company, operating from Vilnius, Lithuania and offering a range of audio cables. The cables are transparent, and, have their natural sound. Also, it can be said, Perkune audiophile cables, offer the best value for money.

I want to welcome you to Perkune audiophile cables as I have been involved with audio all my life. And, I aim to help you, improve the sound from your audio system.

My cables assembled by hand and quality is the top priority. I am continually looking for ways to improve my cables. And I will always keep you informed of the latest product developments and upgrades.


It is essential that when buying a cable, from a person you have never met, there is a guarantee. And, this will give you the confidence to go ahead with the purchase. I want to tell you that Guarantee has only be used once in the past four years.

And, was by a customer from Poland who bought a set of Loudspeaker cables that he loved. He then wanted a set of interconnects that I supplied. But he said the interconnects were too good and made his system sound too ‘Rich”. And, was the first time I have ever heard this comment! And, was refunded the next day.


If you need any help with your audio system or you are just starting your audiophile journey, then I am happy to help. I can advise on what to do and what not to do. And this will save you time and money! Because it is always great to have excellent support.


You are welcome to contact me at any time 24/7 directly via email of sending me a message at the bottom of the website – happy listening!

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