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Thank you for subscribing - My story System set-up and Contact information and subscription conformationHello and Thank you for subscribing. Perkune audiophile cables is a small company, operating from Vilnius, Lithuania and offering a range of audio cables. The cables are transparent, and, have a natural sound. Also, it can be said, Perkune audiophile cables, offer the best value for money.

I want to welcome you to Perkune audiophile cables as I have been involved with audio all my life. And, I am here to help improve the sound from your audio system.

Thank you for subscribing

My cables assembled by hand and quality is the top priority. I am continually looking for ways to improve my cables. The range of cables is expanding, and I am getting more positive feedbacks testimonials. I am adding the latest testimonials to the front page of the website so you can view. And I will always keep you informed of the latest product developments and upgrades via the news letter.


Money back 100% – It is essential that when buying a cable, from a person you have never met, there is a guarantee. And, this will give you the confidence to go ahead with the purchase. Also I offer a 20% discount on your purchase!


If you need any help with your audio system or you are just starting your audiophile journey, then I am happy to help. I can advise on what to do and what not to do. And this will save you time and money! Because it is always great to have excellent support.


You are welcome to contact me at any time 24/7 directly via email of sending me a message at the bottom of the website – happy listening!

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If you would like to read about my journey and how I started Perkune audiophile cables, please click here

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  1. I enjoyed reading the information on your site. After 30 years in stalking THX Home Theater systems, cables matter. Also with my 30 years of pro audio engineering and design as the owner of Las Vegas Show Systems I have worked with concert speaker systems by Electro Voice a pioneer in patenting advances in pro audio and home audio with Constant Directivity Horns, Manifold Technology in their world renowned MT4 concert systems, and their dominance with their THX Variplex Movie Theater speaker systems I use in my home theater with a 20 foot screen and TL series THX dual Electro Voice subwoofers. The cables are shielded and oxygen free. I use fiber optics for audio and HDMI for video. McIntosh mono block amplifiers power the systems from the outputs on a Yamaha THX Receiver. Bluetooth is extended 165 ft however the information you provide is invaluable. Thank you from the USA where our leaders are in need of therapy. Heaven help them the American people have had enough. What they are doing is not what America is all about or what Reagan achieved through peace through strength. The world is in an arms race with nuclear proliferation worse than what we experienced during the Cold War. God Bless you my friend.

    1. Hello David, and thank you for your wonderful words. And we are both enjoying the music
      and know how to get the best from it! The world is becoming a very sad place theses days
      and will get worse and anything is possible. So me must enjoy out life and he people who
      we are with!

      best regards

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