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Supreme headphone extension Audiophile cablesThe Supreme Audiophile Headphone Extension cable has a highly complex, dual symmetrical structure. In conjunction with the very densely woven shielding protects the intricate audio signals. Optimally against external interference emitted from smartphones or other electrical devices, for instance.


The silver-plated conductors transmit the analogue music signal precisely and enable exceptionally crystal clear and dynamic sound.  Even for high-resolution audio formats. The 24-carat gold-plated contacts ensure optimum contact. And, minimal transition resistance for low-loss transmission of the music signal.


The Supreme headphone extension is a beautiful cable. And, also, an extension cable with a length of five-meters. Assembled with silver-plated, oxygen-free multi-core conductors, ‘Airgap’ technology, and aluminium foil shielding. These techniques significantly reduce interference from other components and cabling. Therefore, increased signal speeds and signal accuracy in transfer, become apparent in the musical presentation.

The Supreme headphone cable, must not be confused with a standard extension cable. Because the cable provides an entirely natural and articulated performance from existing headphones. And, as a result, the sound heard is an improvement in contrast to the original headphone cable extension.


An audio system is only as good as the weakest link. And, in this case, the weakest link is the supplied headphone cable extension. Consequently, by replacing the headphone cable, we remove the lowest link. And, an improved sound from the audio system.

Termination is by 24k gold-plated 6.3mm stereo male and female jacks. And, ideal for all domestic and professional applications. After construction, the cables are ‘burned’ in using a unique technique. And, as a result, the cable allows, the full potential of the source heard without waiting for a burn-in period

  • Double symmetrical design
  • Braided shielding
  • Low-loss PE insulation
  • Silver-plated conductors
  • 24c gold-plated contacts
  • Wires made of high-purity OFC copper.
  • Primary and Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP
  • Aluminium Foil sheathing
  • Single AirTube with ‘Teflon’ binding 
  • Outer sheath: Double layers CanuFlex PE-HB
  • Anti-static pads (ATS) fitted (2 per cable)

3.0 meter Headphone extension 597 Euros

5.0 meter Headphone cable 797 Euros

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