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New three-meter studio cable - Recording studio cables -Ultimate studio cableStudio cables are new. The sound in the studio just has to be perfect and the best sound possible. This is why I have selected this cable because it is neutral. What goes in must come out with nothing added and nothing is taken away and so a big welcome to the Studio Cables.

Studio Cables

This is the newest model and now used 24K gold plates Jacks and low-loss, professional XLR connections. The Cable now employs AirGap shielding and AirTube suspension. Also, I now, using Teflon binding and Aliminium foil shielding. These additional items bring out a much better performance than the original studio cable.


The studio cables are updated. And, makes this cable, even better, for studio use. Fitted with XLR/standard Jack but can be configured either Mini jack connection or any combination RCA/ XLR/stereo jack. The Studio cables can be made to any length and are suitable also for live recording and mixing applications.


  • Conductors: O.F.C Red Copper.
  • Insulation: Vinyl.
  • Outer sheath: Plastic shrink-wrap.
  • Cable Diameter: 6.0 mm.
  • Conductor size: 2.5 mm2 (13 AWG).
  • Conductor Number: 7 strand – each strand containing 32 x 0.125 mm.
  • Resistance: 0.02 Ohms/meter.
  • Capacitance: 75 pF/meter.

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Hi Paul, I think the cable is becoming at it’s best. Now the sound is well balanced, crystal hi-end and fat bass I hear out of my speakers. It is way-way more handy to work with, I can place the sounds exactly where I want like never before. I am going to recommend these cables to all my musician friend back in Hungary. I told my father about it who is an old-fashioned country musician he said it’s a “hocus-pokus” WelI can’t wait for him to visit me and run an A\B test to prove the power of these cables. I think I have made the right decision when I purchased and I am highly satisfied with the quality of sound and your customer care. Warm regards, Matte


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