Special orders are always welcome!

Special orders

Special orders

Perkune audiophile cables can be used anywhere good quality audio is needed and I am here to help you with any request you have. I will work to fulfil any Special orders that you may have and will always do my very best to ensure you get exactly what you want and I personally guarantee you will get the sound you want!

My cables are flexible and easy to work with and the quality of my cables is recording studio quality as the cables are used in many reccording studios. I am very proud of my cables and have over three years of history to show. I am adding new information and products as necessary and I will continue to move forward within the audiophile industry.Flexible

If you would like to read about the Special orders – please select and click on the item below

Subwoofer Cable ~ please click here

Computer Cable ~ please click here

Headphone Cable ~ please click here

Studio Cable ~ Please click here

USB Cable ~ Please click here

I have also more then happy to try new configurations as it may end up becoming a stock item, so your input is always welcome as aggain this is the way forward!


If you would like to read customer feedback on my cables please click here

If you would like to read Pricing on my cables please click here


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