Special cable selection

The Special cable selection, made up for customers over the past twelve months,  but who or what exactly is an Audiophile?


Do you qualify to be an audiophile? It really does not matter what a person is called. The only thing that is important is a person is able to enjoy his or her music.  And the audio system is adjusted correctly and the speaker correctly positioned.


Every person has their own method of listening to a system. The system may be small and compact, even portable. The system can be large or enormous. You would be surprised just how many systems can sound better by changing the loudspeaker position. And this is where I am more than happy to help Setup ~

Headphone extension cable
Headphone extension cable
Tri-wire adapter cables
‘Tri-wired’ adapter cables
Tri-wire set up
‘Junior’ Jumper cables
Spade to Banana converter
Spade to banana converter
Audiophile headphone cable
Audiophile headphone cable
Audiophile special cables
‘OPPO’ fans can now rejoice!
Bi-wired adapter cable
‘Bi-wired’ adapter cable
Extension cables
OTG with Micro USB and C-type crossovers
Audiophile Junior Jumper cable
‘Junior’ Jumper cable
Mini-Jack two-meter cable
Two-meter cable mini Jack/mini jack
Schuko to IEC C7 connector
Schuko to IEC C7 connector
HDMI three-meter cable
HDMI three-meter cable
Schuko female extension
Schuko female extension
USB 6 meter cable
Six-meter USB cable
Bi-wire adapter cable
24 Centimeter bi-wired adapter cable
Mobil phone cables
Mobil phone cables

The special cables are made with the same attention to detail as the full range of Perkune audiophile cables.

Some of which added to the Perkune audiophile range of cables. The reason is that they can be interesting to others. And this is what everything is about. The sharing of information and helping others to improve the audio system sound.

From the UK

Hi Paul, Well you have done it again because the new Audiophile headphone cables are really the BIZ and I LOVE them! SI till cannot understand how my headphones sound much better with this cable in the line. Just does not make sense to me, but after all, I am only a model, but that is OK –  Rommy

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