Tonearm cables pricing

Tonearm cables pricing. Thank you for choosing the Tonearm cables to upgrade your audio system. You will be, surprised, how many people do not realise the importance of adding good audio cables to a turntable. And, this is through no fault of their own. I have never understood why this aspect never really seems to have been addressed in the manner to which it should have been. I think maybe it was because, in the early days, the turntable was considered to be good enough.

The Cable

And, only in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology, we have understood how cables do make a difference. All, part of the learning curve and now, we are able to bring our music to great heights. And, I am happy to work with you on your turntable and also price reduction for future upgrades.

1.5 Meter Tonearm cable RCA connection 197 Euros
3.0 Meter Tonearm cable RCA connection 297 Euros

Payment details

Pay with Price list
  • Please go to the price list in the section that you require.
  • Select the cable you want to purchase and press the ‘ADD TO CART‘ button
  • Enter the coupon code (if applicable) and press apply
  • Press “PayPal” checkout and when the page opens fill in your details.
  • Select the country currency that you want to pay in – easy as that!
  • Choose ‘GIFT’ when prompted, as this is preferred – thank you.

Customer testimonials

If you have any specific requirements with tonearm cables or turntable cables, then please send me an email. Also, I am able to mix and match with any other cable companies products. And, as they say ‘where there is a will, there is a way!

The price list is very short because I have deleted the older range od cables.

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