Matrix S digital cable

Matrix PRO digital cableThe Matrix S Digital cable, latest in the digital world. The ultimate audiophile, wanted to obtain the best performance possible without breaking the bank. And the Matrix S digital cable introduced. The Matrix S Digital cable is a reference cable but has a price that will suit most—offering the best value for money in the industry. The Matrix S also I can be used as a subwoofer cable giving outstanding performance. And because of technology development, attention to detail and the highest manufacturing quality, the Matrix S digital cable is now available. 

Matrix S digital cable

The digital music signal, precisely transmitted and perfectly adapted 75 ohms impedance (Low Jitter) construction. And, is an important factor for optimal performance. And, is an important factor for optimal performance.

  • Concentric construction cable perfect for digital audio transmission.
  • 17AWG wire made entirely of copper. 
  • Reliably and precise made wire
  • Geometry: Coaxial (concentric) with 97% coverage braid. 
  • Wire resistances: UV, saltwater, ozone, alcohol, excellent durability in room temperature or lower, high mechanical energy absorption, good abrasion resistance.
  • Perfect for Subwoofer applications

The Matrix S Digital cables offer natural and dynamic sound for high-resolution audio formats. Solid 24-carat, gold-plated metal connectors ensure maximum contact and minimal contact resistance, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Matrix S Noise

Matrix PRO digital cableTo reduce noise, and protect the signal path from any external interference, Perkune audiophile cables employ double-layer shielding. Dual-layer Teflon isolation, Dual-Vinyl insulation, ‘AirGap’ technology and PE insulation. Also, to reduce static, the line is fitted with Anti-static isolation material. All of which helps to reduce noise, vibrations and interference.

The result is an ultra-high-speed, low-loss cable specifically designed to deliver the best possible performance from today’s high-resolution digital audio sources. They may only be “ones” and “zeros”, but low impedance matching and an ‘impure’ cable dramatically impact the accuracy with signal speed and transfer from one device to another.

Matrix S Performance

PRO digital cableThe cable is made in one meter, two-meter and three-meter lengths and designed to suit any digital application. The line is flexible, easy to handle, and with the strength necessary for the modern audiophile. Digital data transfer demands precise impedance matching in both cable and connectors. The Matrix S digital line is optimised for digital signal transfer and use a silver-plated OFC high purity solid core conductor. An exact 75 Ohm signal path answers the demand for the precise tolerance needed for clocking and dealing with digital output. 

  • Cable size: 11.0 mm
  • Type: Coaxial (low Jitter)
  • Connectors: Solid metal (24K gold plated)
  • Conductor: Solid core 99.99% OFC (17 AWG)
  • Resistance: 75 Ohm
  • Braided shielding 97%
  • Insulation: Compact PE 
  • Secondary sheath (AirGap): DERAY-PBFSP
  • Insulation:  PTFE/PVC
  • Anti-static: Isolation material
  • Outer shielding: DERAY-PBFSP
  • Anti-static: Pads x 2
Customer testimonials

1.0 Meter Digital cable 597 Euros

2.0 Meter Digital cable 797 Euros

3.0 Meter Digital cable 997 Euros

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