Improve spoken English

Improve spoken English

Welcome to the Improve spoken English module ~

If you speak English but want to improve your English then I am here to help ~

A person learns English at school but through no fault of their own has anybody to practice with. And the result is the person tends to forget what they were taught which is such a pity because these days English is regarded as the International language!

In other cases, a person who has learnt to speak English often feels uneasy and unsure of themselves when speaking to others. The person lacks confidence and in many cases tends to give up. And his is of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

Also, a person learns English and wishes to improve their spoken English. But, in most cases unable to find a competent English person who will work with them.

A Competent English person can improve grammatical errors and incorrect pronunciation because it is their nature.

The ‘Improve spoken English’ module

I am English and have designed the ‘Improve spoken English’ module to help you achieve your goal! Working personally with you via Skype for the spoken section, plus homework and tasks for the written section. My life has been very interesting and spent many years traveling and working in different countries. I am familiar with the problems in learning to speak English correctly. 

Now, I am retired and my hobby is working with audio systems. This really is an interesting experience because I enjoy meeting and helping people to improve their sound systems. But, I do have free time and thought it would be a good idea to help others by introducing the Improve spoken English module. If you wish to read more about me please click here

It is also possible to visit you for a personal training session, as this could be your preferred method for improvement.

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