How to find the best room position for loudspeakers

How to find the best room position for loudspeakers and I love Tannoy loudspeakersI have spent most of my life Listening to beautiful audio systems which has inspired me to write this How to find the best room position blog to help others ~ 

Tannoy Kingdom Royals

It does not matter if your system is an expensive or just a basic system the principle is the same. There is a way to make your system sound better by simply adjusting the position of the loudspeakers in the listening room because it is as easy as that!

Stereo system in London

This is a beautiful system in London that I had the pleasure of setting up two years ago. The Tannoy Kingdom Royal is an amazing sounding loudspeaker and is one of Tannoy’s finest achievements to date.  There is also a carbon version, which is supposed to sound better and now they have just introduced the Kingdom Royal MK 11 which is claimed to be even better –  read more

How to find the best room position

The position of these loudspeakers is perfect. If you look closely at them you will see that each loudspeaker is a certain distance from the rear wall and also a certain distance from the side walls. You will also see that there is a carpet a certain distance from the front of the loudspeakers. You will also see the table is a certain distance from the front of the loudspeakers. To have a table in this position is not ideal but sometimes it is unavoidable and we have to make the best of the situation. You will also see that the loudspeakers are angled inwards towards the listener and this is critical for the loudspeakers to be in sync How to find the best room position

Tannoy Edinburgh

Edinburgh loudspeakers

This is a pair of Tannoy Edinburgh’s and they are located in Vilnius, Lithuania and the cost today is about 2000 euros. If you look closely, you will see they are a certain distance from the rear wall. They are also a certain distance from the side walls and again a certain distance from the carpet. The carpet is just as the picture starts at the bottom. These loudspeakers are placed on SoundCare spikes and this because the floor is wooden and the spikes help to prevent unnecessary vibrations from reaching the source machine. So, again the position of these speakers is perfect and so the sound coming from them is excellent.

Tannoy Berkeley

This is another system but at the bottom end of the Tannoy range. The loudspeakers are the famous Tannoy Berkeley and were built in 1970. The cost of these loudspeakers is about 950 Pounds. These particular Loudspeakers are in London UK

Tannoy Berkerley speakers in UK

There really is something magical about the sound that comes from the Tannoy Berkeley. These loudspeakers were used in the well know recording studios in the seventies and they have a tremendous following today.

If you look at the set up you will see they are a certain distance from the rear wall and also a certain distance from the side walls. The loudspeakers are a certain distance from the carpet and also they are angled inwards to the listening position. So what does this mean and why are all these distance so important? The answer is simple and it is because of the way the loudspeakers sync together. They can be in Harmony working together or they can be in disarray and not working together. Loudspeakers in sync sound wonderful. How to find the best room position

What to expect

When a pair of loudspeakers is correctly positioned they give the correct imaging. This means the vocal is exactly where it is supposed to be. The loudspeakers will show exactly where all the instruments are placed. They will give you the correct amount of bass response. They will allow you to be aware of the total sound stage and you will hear details from around you and even coming from above. The room become alive and you feel like you are really a part of the performance and you do not want to turn the music off. That is what the correct positioning of your loudspeakers will give

This is an email that I received a few days ago after helping a gentleman set up his stereo system in Poland. AS you can see it is a small system but listen to what he says!

set up service

“Good morning Paul, I am writing to share with you a bit of my fresh enthusiasm after I implemented the changes suggested by you yesterday. I am practically blown away by the overall sound improvement found in THE SAME system. The depth of the soundstage has greatly improved together with the positioning of all instruments which is now much firmer and easy to pin down by ear. Finally I can relax and enjoy the holographic sound I have always craved for. The Audio Physic Step 25 speakers have spread their wings in the end. O.k. I am going a little overboard, but this is close to what I am currently feeling. So maybe I am going to buy your speaker cables in 1-2 months from now for further improvement  and In the meantime I’ll just enjoy the newly found sound of my system”. “Big thanks again Paul “! Tom Lasota, Sanok, Poland

Free set up service

I love what I do because it helps a person really enjoy the sound from the existing system  and all it takes is a few emails – please visit the setup page

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