How can a good cable make a difference?

XLR cableWhat is the difference between a good cable and a bad cable? And how do you hear what the difference is? So How can a good cable make a difference ~

How can a good cable make a difference

What guides you to a particular cable? Is it the company who supply the cable? Or have you read a review? And how can a good cable make a difference you ask.

The listener

Audio and hearing the difference in an audio cable is an ongoing discussion because there are people who agree that a difference can be heard and also many people who say it is all a load of rubbish and come out with the term “Snake oil” But have you ever wondered why there is such controversy over this?

The answer is very simple and easy to explain. Some people just cannot hear any difference at all because of the way they are. We are all born with different features. And for example have different eyes and so we see differently. We have different brains and so can be highly sensitive. Some people are able to smell many things whilst others are not and some of us are not able to hear as well as others.

I often wonder how many people actually had a hearing test to see if they have ear congestion or hearing problems. And does the person listening to the music actually have the full frequency range available in the hearing. We are all different and we hear thing differently and this is one of the reasons why there is uncertainty.

I used to work in the oil and gas industry – read more and every two years had to have a medical examination which included a hearing test. Frequency loss is often present and I know how it can affect a person’s judgment. I would like to share a true story with you, as this will help you understand what I am talking about.

A few years ago, I was attending an audiophile cable demonstration, which lasted for two days. The demonstration was held at a dealer’s showroom in Vilnius, Lithuania and there were twelve people attending. The person doing the demonstration was an engineer from Norway and was representing

Cable test

How can a good cable make a difference XLR cable

The idea was to test every cable from the Nordost range to see how they would make a difference to the sound that we heard from the speakers. Testing started by using a standard interconnect cable as supplied with any amplifier or CD player. We all sat and listened and it really was a great sound.

The next cable was the basic cable that Nordost manufacture but how the sound had a completely different flavour. The music had come to life and it was a very big change to hear the way that happened and people were talking and making comments on this fact. I must state at this point that two of the group did say there was really not much difference. And it turned out that all the way through the testing they said the same thing.

We ended up testing the top of the range cable, which was the Nordost Valhalla and the sound was spectacular. The group agreed 100% on this apart from the two people who came together from Denmark. The next day the group reassembled for speaker cable testing but without the people from Denmark! If you, would like to read about Nordost cables please click here


How can a good cable make a difference was the original question and I hope that by reading this blog you will understand that it all depends on the person who is listening. Because if the person who is listening had good hearing then he will hear the difference between a good cable, a bad cable and a fantastic cable. But if the person has a hearing problem then maybe is able to hear a difference.

Last year I have heard my cables on the test system shown above so I know how they sound!

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4 thoughts on “How can a good cable make a difference?

  1. High Paul,
    I must thank you for this post, particularly the experience that you mentioned. I never know that cable can make a difference in sound quality.
    I do proof listen video and audio files some times and I have a good speaker. Now I know that it is the cable that causes disturbance sometimes. I appreciate it so much.

    1. Hello Seth

      You would really be surprised at what you are not hearing from your music by having standard cables
      and it is well worth a try to any audio shop to do some comparisons and then you will understand
      what you have been missing

      best regards


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