“Goggy” the doggy


This is my BEST friend and has been for the past eleven years but this does have something to do with Audio but we will get to that towards the end so do not go away but stay and enjoy my story.

One day a friend of my wife’s called to say that she had just bought a German Shepard pup and the lady where she got it from had five more for sale so without the telephone cooling down we were in the car and driving to the other side of Lithuania to take a look. I must add at this point that I had three of these beautiful dogs in the past so I was very excited to get the chance to have a forth!

We arrive a few hours later and went to meet the lady who took us to the run where all the pups were just mulling around but the minute we came over to the fence one of them looked at us and came over and put his head up to the fence and just looked into my eyes. “wow” I said look at this and my wife came over and said “well my darling looked like he has picked you”.


The temperature was about 15 below but they have their fur coats so ready willing and able to play all the games they want!

The drive home was OK and we were all so pleased to get back and the first thing was to give our new boy a name. After a few minutes my wife told me that his name should be “Goggy” because that was the nickname given to a general in the Russian army and was fitting for our boy and so his name was now “Goggy” which soon became the best name ever “Goggy the Doggy” yes it was that simple!


He loves to help and whatever we are doing along comes our boy to help but sometimes his way of helping make more mess than it should but that is the fun of having a “helping hand” This time, he was a real help because I was just unable to pull out the branch myself and he saw me trying so hard and so jumped in to help me and, this time, it really was a helping hand!

This was the size of the pile of wood that we have to remove and it made me wonder when I look back just how the two of us dig it but when you have a real best friend it is not so hard!

One of the things we learn in our lives is that a pet is similar in so many ways to us. They have a mood, they get sick. They can tell us so much if we are really close to them and they also have love and affection for us and can show it when they want. They are loyal, protective, faithful and above all whatever you have becomes the most wonderful pet in the world!Best friendRemember at the start I said “Goggy” loves to chew well it went from just chewing to always have a few pieces of wood in his mouth whenever he could get hold of them.

Well sometimes he has six pieces in his mouth and he even has pieces that are 3 meters in length yes I could write a book on his exploits but we have to get on with the point of my story and how “Goggy” is involved in the Hi-Fi.

“Goggy” is now Eleven years old and is very strong He is fit and healthy and still runs like he did years ago and the only difference is that like me he is going gray but that is the sign of become mature right?

When you really get to know each other it is amazing how sometimes things happen when you least expect them to. Now I have been into music all “Goggy” life and so he has heard all the systems that I have had and so is used to listen to the music from dusk till dawn on many occasions and you must be aware that a German Shepard has hearing that is far better than we have and so just the other day when I had finished working on the new Enclosures and we sat back to listen together!

I hope that you have enjoyed my Best friend story and if so please share by using the buttons below – thank you

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