Cryptocurrency can now be used

Cryptocurrency can now be usedAudiophiles ~ Cryptocurrency can now be used to pay for your audio cables at Perkune

This is a very short blog and I think my shortest blog ever but I know you will find it very interesting and I am open to all comments ~

The world is changing and I want to keep up with the changes which is why I am now able to offer you the possibility to pay for your audio cables using Cryptocurrency. I know that I am amongst the first to do this but I know it is the way forward.

I am very excited about Cryptocurrency because it allows for payment of goods without the cost previously associated with a bank transfer and time which now is reduced to minutes rather than days. Cryptocurrency can now be used for payment

This means you will get your cables quicker and will not feel the frustration often felt whilst waiting for a transaction to materialise. Unfortunately the only delay now is with the shipping but I know this will improve in the very near future.

One year ago I would have never thought it possible to have my own digital bank account sitting somewhere in space and could be accessed easily from anywhere in the world. A digital account that I owned which was safe and secure because only I knew the passwords as they were written down in a note book and not on any computer.

If you have not been introduced to the Blockchain and the use of digital currency yet I am more than happy to help you because it really is the way forward. If you wish to  learn more about the Blockchain please click here to watch a two minute video.

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