Computer cables pricing

Computer cables pricingComputer cables pricing. Thank you for choosing the computer series of cables to upgrade your present series of audio cables. And, I will be more than happy to work with you on a price reduction for future orders. These are the latest Computer cables and can be used for different applications. And, a really great experience to hear more from your computer!

Computer cables pricing

I am always able to adjust the length of the cables to meet your personal requirements. The cables, can also, be terminated with a mini-jack plug or your preferred connection. And, If you require further information, regarding, cables, or cable specification or performance. Please send me a message or an email, and I will normally reply to you on the same day.


1.0 Meter Computer cable RCA/Mini Jack 197 Euros

2.0 Meter Computer cable RCA/Mini Jack 247 Euros

Payment details
Pay with Price list
  • Please go to the price list in the section that you require.
  • Select the cable you want to purchase and press the ‘ADD TO CART’ button
  • Enter the coupon code (if applicable) and press apply
  • Press “PayPal” checkout and when the page opens fill in your details
  • Select the country currency you want to pay in – easy as that!
  • When you pay please send payment as ‘GIFT’ – Thank you.

The computer cables must be auditioned in the convenience of your own home. And, this is because they will certainly provide you with a higher level of performance. Details that you never heard before, will come apparent and the soundstage will improve. Allowing you to become more involved with your music.

The price list is very short. And, the reason is that I decided to delete the older range of cables.

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