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Cables and Audiophile cables are components used in the audio industry. What is the difference between them and is there any difference at all?

I am an engineer and spent most of my life working with audio. But, was about twenty years ago I was made aware of the difference a cable can make. The advancement in technology has played a major role in audio cable development. And what is available today certainly was not available twenty years ago!

But, first you have to understand what you are listening for. If a person says ‘Sound stage’ do you know what a ‘Soundstage‘ is? Also, if a person says ‘Transparency’ again, do you know what ‘Transparency ‘is?

There are so many terms used in the audio industry it is very hard to understand what people are talking about. So how can you expect to hear a difference when you do not know exactly what to listen for?

Audiophile terms

Cables and Audiophile cables are a necessary part of an audio system. cables play a very important role in the transmission of the audio signal from one component to the next. The audio system can only sound as good as the weakest component. And in the majority of cases is the cables which are the weakest link.

The cable is the culprit because cables are not understood. Have you ever been to a cable showroom and experienced the difference a cable can make? Do you understand the audio technical terms and have they been explained? Have you ever been allowed to try cables in the comfort of your own home?

Power cords

It is always good to talk about cables and audiophile cables. But there is also another topic which runs along the same lines. This is Power cords (which are a great upgrade)! My first introduction to Cables and Audiophile cables was in fact a Power cord. And, started my journey in the wonderful world of Hi-end audio.

My advice

Always try the cables in your own home and allow at least two weeks of playing time. Listen to your own ears and not your friends ears or the sales mans ears, because you and only you can be the judge!


So, is there a difference in cables and can the difference be heard or is it all a money making scam!

I will say Yes, it is indeed money making but is not a scam. Also, I will say is most cases a difference between cables can be heard. Some differences are very subtle and unless you do not understand what you are listening for,you will not hear them. But on the other hand you will hear changes and some are easily hear, depending again on what you are actually listening for.

The following email was received this morning from a customer in Canada. Bill, has been with me for two years and he certainly can hear differences. And I thought it may be good to share this email with you.

The email
On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 17:33 Bill Long <> wrote:

Hi Paul,

the Air Dreams Power Cables finally arrived today!! I sorted out the polarity as per your great instructions for the European adapters and left them connected for and hour NOW I am spinning a Sade album, Stronger Than Pride which I know well. I am simply astounded at this early stage how these cables out perform my Nordost Red Dawns!!!!

This is a spectacular original analogue recording with lots of warm tube like warmth and now the sound stage just became so much more rich with such a sense of space! Not that I was skeptical but every cable I have purchased from you keeps taking it to the next level making my system sounding it’s best and BEYOND!

These cables breath new life into my system beyond what I ever imagined when we first started down this path. So now this makes Air Dreams speaker cables, RCA interconnect and now these new power cables, one to my amp power supply and the second to the power supply to my pre amp. WOW!! Once again Paul, you have done it and come through with truly amazing cables!!

My gear: Naim NAC N 272 pre amp, Naim XPS DR, Naim NAP 300 DR, Goldnote Valore 425 Plus TT, Dynavector 20X2H, Dynavector P75 MK IV , PMC Twenty 26 speakers and Perkune Cables as per above!

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