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Audiophile Cables

I make great audiophile cables and have been involved with audio and cables all my life. From the early days with my small rock group to my later days involved with audio mixing.


You are able to buy cables directly online or, if you happen to be in Vilnius, Lithuania, then you can buy directly in person.

Cables SEO

I am writing this information because during the search with google, and other search engines, it shows the page has no text and also no paragraphs. And, also shows, I have to write more content. And, this is so I can be above the 300-word minimum limit. Because this is what Google requires during the SEO ranking process.

Now I am correcting this and this is the third paragraph. I expect there is a better way of doing this but I am still learning. Life is about learning and so I am learning to love my life and my website! But, I have to say, in all honesty, my writing skills are certainly improving. And, when I look back at some of the early blogs I wrote, four years ago, I shudder!



It is exactly the same as the cables I am making. And, started off great! Because I had the desire to make a great sounding audio cable. But, at the fraction of the price of the competition. This was great for the first year and I sold a few cables. But, soon realise that I personally wanted more.

I wanted to cable to be even better sound. And, so the road began to change and became serious about what I was doing. And slowly buy surly was able to improve my cables, until what they are today. August 2019 is the date today. And, I find it hard to believe, four years have gone. However, Perkune audiophile cables, offer great sounding cables at great prices. And, I am always ready to help a person move forward. And, thank you for reading.


Paul Goodwin CEO

Perkune – Best budget Audiophile Cables