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The best cables for hi-fi speakers are often in a place you have never heard. There are so many loudspeaker-cable manufactures virtually impossible for you to find them all. I am writing, ‘best cables for hi-fi speakers’, to give you a heads up on some of the companies whom I have known for many years. And, I know you will also, also find them friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.


Three years ago, I was very fortunate to meet the ‘Nordost’ audio engineer. And, given a two-day presentation about, the complete range of cables. It was during this presentation that I became aware of just how vital the cable length is!  I love the sound from a ‘Nordost’ cable. And, have used them for many years. And, Certainly, would recommend them to anyone who is looking to upgrade their audio system.


Another person in the audiophile world that I would like to mention is “David Brooks” who owns and operates a company based in the UK called MCRU. David is an accommodating and extremely knowledgeable person and will send you cables to try and test. David makes his cables and offers a wide range designed to suit all pockets. The quality and performance are excellent, and I have known David for many years and would recommend that you visit him for a chat. MCRU also offers mains filters, conditioners and many other items in the audiophile world, so a great combination.

Audio emotion

is based in Scotland and owned by two brothers, Gary and Mark Cargill who specialise in new and used audio equipment. I have known Gary and Mark for the past ten years and have been an excellent customer. I love the “no quibble” policy and also the “next day shipping”, and the service is fantastic. The range of new and secondhand equipment is second to none, and I think that Audio Emotions is one of the best companies operating in the audiophile world today. If you are looking for a new or used Loudspeaker cables give them a call.

Music rooms

is one of the oldest and best audiophile establishments that I have had the pleasure to be a part of, and I became a customer about seven years ago. “Jack Lawson” is the owner and operator to the music Rooms and Jack regarded as one of the best in the business. The range of new and secondhand equipment is excellent, and I think The Music Room is one of the best Hi-end audiophile outlets there is. If you are looking for a real Hi-end bargain or a new Loudspeaker cable, then you can be sure that you will buy the best!

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