Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad Anti-vibration audiophile ‘VibePad’ were designed to remove vibrations from Audio components. And, there are many devices in the marketplace today. But, the VibePad is unique, offering s a different approach. The VibePad is removing vibrations from the upper and lower areas of the component.

Also, the Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad can absorb over 50% per cent of vibration and 80% of shock vibration. Vibrations are reduced over the temperature range at frequencies from 10 to 30,000 Hertz. Unlike fluid-based shock absorbers or foam products, VibePad has an excellent damping coefficient. Consequently, Shocks and vibrations are absorbed for thousands of cycles.

The VibePad body is made from a toughened glass composite. And, in the middle an insert containing Polyfoam, 40 x 16 mm. The upper pads are 3 x 20mm x 3.20mm and the lower pad 1 x 50 x 6.35 mm. Also, the VibePad can be fitted with cable supports. Most noteworthy, each VibePad has a load-carrying capacity of 95 kg.

Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad

The natural frequency of your system is lowered to below the excitation frequency.  Providing a “blacker” background with greater focus, depth, and transparency. The soundstage also benefits dramatically, becoming wider, deeper and more holographic. Allowing, your system to sound natural and engaging.

Vibepad Composite Glass. Diameter: 80.0 mm, Height: 25.0 mm, Weight: 265 grams, Working load: 95 kgs. Top pads: 3 x 20 mm Sorbothane, Insert: 40mm x 16 mm Polyfoam, Bottom pad: 1 x 50 x 6.35 mm Sorbothane, Cable Support: 1 - 50 x 25mm x 5mm, Laytex.

What is Sorbothane®

Sorbothane® is a proprietary, visco-elastic polymer. Sorbothane®  is a thermoset, polyether-based, polyurethane material. In addition to being visco-elastic, Sorbothane® also has a very high damping coefficient. Sorbothane® combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation, and vibration damping characteristics. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane® combines all of them in a stable material with an elongated fatigue life.

Where to use the ‘VibePad’

The Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad is ideal for use in audio systems. Which, is because every component in the chain, is a target for interference from vibration. Therefore, it is essential to do everything possible to reduce and eliminate vibrations. The Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad is certainly one of the better solutions available today. Did you know, everything around is Vibrating?

The Turntable

The vinyl groove, causes the stylus to move or vibrate and turn into a tiny electrical signal. This means for a turntable to work, you want to ‘read’ the vibrations in the groove. Rather, than having ‘muddied’ vibration coming from elsewhere. Vibrations have a big impact on the sound produced. But, due to the intricate nature, if these signals are affected by vibrations the result is distortion.

Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad

Three VibePads are required when using a turntable. Each VibePad must be positioned face up with the VibePad top, on the underside of the turntable. It is possible to use the VibePads with the original feet because the VibePad has enough headroom.

CD players

CD players do not show the effects of vibrations as obviously as, say, turntables. A simple component, like your speakers, can make the player’s data-reading mechanisms work harder. Which, causes jitter and will affect the sound heard.

Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad


Recommended for Laptops, Media players and DAC’s. Vibrations are removed, air circulation improved and, machine heat lowered. Low transmissibility (amplification) at resonance, shows Sorbothane’s damping superiority over other elastomers. Also, the low transmissibility means less damage to sensitive components. The Isolation at large frequency ratios also shows Sorbothane’s capacity to isolate vibration.

VibePad for laptop

Three VibePads are required and each VibePad must be positioned face up. The top of the pad located on the underside of the Laptop.


The amplifier can be vintage, transistor, tube or hybrid. And, becomes clear, that Sorbothane® removes more of the impact energy from the system. Natural rubber is more elastic and returns energy to the system. High-energy return causes high rebound and increases the potential for damage.

Grundig sv140 Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad

Three VibePads are required and must be positioned face up. The top of the VibePad must be located on the underside of the amplifier.


The VibePad is recommended for floor standing Loudspeakers, studio monitors and bookshelf loudspeakers. The loudspeakers are very susceptible to vibrations from the listening room floor and the listening room itself.

Loudspeaker set up Anti-vibration audiophile VibePadThree VibePads are required (reversed). And, must be positioned face down. With, the bottom of the pad on the underside of the loudspeaker. The VibePad can be easily slid underneath and will handle even the largest speaker. The Vibepad has a load capacity of 95 kilograms per pad.

Audio Cables

The VibePad can be used for Power cords, Interconnect, Loudspeaker, DAC, and USB cables. The effect of background vibration and Ground vibration has an impact on the sound heard from your audio system.  When used for audio cables the VibePad excels in its supremacy. Vibrations are removed to reveal a cleaner and more dynamic musical presentation.

Recommended using two or even three VibePads for every meter of the audio cable. Each VibePad must be positioned face down with the bottom of the VibePad pad facing up, which means the VibePad is reversed. 

Floor Monitor

A floor monitor is prone to vibrations from the floor. This has always been a big problem with live mixing performances. The VibePad is ideal when used with floor monitors. Feedback is reduced, floor boom and resonance is reduced and the artist hears a cleaner post-mix audio signal.

Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad

Three VibePads are required (reversed). And, positioned face down. With, the bottom of the pad located on the underside of the floor monitor.

Guitar amplifier

The VibePad is a great addition for guitarists. Because the VibePad eliminates vibrations from the floor. Making, the guitar sound better and allowing better musical performance. The size of the VibePad helps to lift the amplifier above the factory legs, improving stability.

Guitar amplifierThree VibePads are required and the VibePads must be positioned face up. The bottom of the VibePad located on the underside of the guitar amplifier.

The Listening room

This is where everything begins. And, the listening room is unique to each audiophile. The listening room is part of the connection. But, at the same time, is the cause of many unwanted vibrations!

Loudspeaker cable results


The Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad was designed to remove vibration from a wide range of audio items. And, as a result, the audio system performance is greatly improved. 

The Anti-vibration audiophile VibePad is an amazing product. Which, allows you to hear more of the musical presentation than ever before. And, as a result, the music becomes alive, allowing micro details to appear, with better imaging and focus.

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