AirDream 2 series

The best audiophile cables I AirDream 2 seriesThe AirDream 2 series of cables, was introduced in the summer of 2019. And, developed to bring as much out of the music as possible. It takes time and months of evaluation to determine how the cables are performing. And, depending on the results, the cables will be modified or replaced by a newer model. 

AirDream 2 series

The AirDream series two replaced with the Reference range of cables. And, now the latest range of cables is the ‘Reference’ range and is a huge step up in audio performance. And, this is the introduction of ‘Hi-end’ performance to the Perkune audiophile range of cables. The ‘reference‘ series is the latest in technological improvements and certainly shows it is the next generation!


To protect your cable, I have focused on critical factors that are crucial for developing an excellent Power cable. And, offering the perfect solution for the protection of your audio cable. Supplied with your cable is an impact-resistant (fully lined) aluminium flight case. Your case contains; A set of keys, Anti-static spray, Thermaflex Anti-vibration tubes, and a cable test certificate (Which is signed, dated, and carries the cable identification number.


I am continually working to improve the series of Audi,o cables. And, as and when the particular series have been upgraded customers will be notified. Also, all reviews and testimonials will be added to the database for prospective customers to view. 

We are in the year 2020, and so much work has gone into upgrading my cables. Making the cables much better in performance and c ertainly able to bring more from your music than before. And, proving to be the best value for money anywhere in the audio industry!


I now have five years of history and results to share, and I have never had a complaint, which means that I am doing something right!

My cables used by professionals and semi-professionals alike and all users are very pleased with the positive performance provided by my cables.

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