Airdream 2 ethernet cable

airdream 2 ethernet cable I Airdream Cat 6E Network cableThe Cat 6E Network Cable is actually made to Cat 6e specification. And, provided with Gold plated shielded 8P8C/RJ45 connectors. Also, the cable assures, lossless connection in the field.  And shielding is 100%. Also, each Cat 6E ethernet cable, made with precision and consistency, needed to ensure a guaranteed improvement over standard-issue, mass-produced cables. 

Airdream 2 ethernet cable

These cables allow Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and music streaming to be fully integrated into a Hifi system while improving the sonic performance. And are considered to be the best audiophile cables online. And in poorly insulated cables, the copper oxidises and loses conductivity. If you look at copper guttering, you can see how environmental effects (such as air humidity) act on unprotected copper and cause corrosion. As well as this, high-quality insulating material prevents unwanted capacitance.


Cables function as aerials and “mop up” interference. You will be familiar with this from the buzzing that mobile phones cause from loudspeakers. Effective, multi-layer shielding counteracts this. No cable can improve the sound or picture on an AV system. A suitable line is not the one that gets the most out of a system, but one that loses the least!

Products often come with copper-coated aluminium wires or conductors manufactured from impure, recycled copper, which significantly reduces the conductivity. For a smooth signal flow, it is essential to use pure, oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a high conductivity rating as this is what makes the sound!


Often, the potential of an expensively purchased system wasted because of unsuitable cables. The cables supplied work, but their susceptibility to interference, inadequate material properties and small cross-sections mean that signals suffer losses during transmission. Even with bad tyres, a Ferrari will get you from A to B, but you won’t be getting the performance it is capable.

Airdream 2 ethernet

As with every audio cable in your system, it is only you who can judge if the audio lines are good enough for the application. And, by changing an audio cable can undoubtedly make a difference in your musical presentation. You will soon discover just how different you will head thing after installation of the AirDream Ethernet cable from Perkune!

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