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Audio interconnect review by Hans Hilberink

Two-meter power cordLudwig Hegel

 One-meter Interconnect cable – Ludwig Hegel

Three-meter loud speaker cable –  Ludwig Hegel

Studio Interconnect cable -Thomas Blinda

 Cable  review – Mark Cargill (Audio Emotion UK)

Two-meter Interconnect Ludwig Hegel


An Evaluation of performance

This is the definition of a review as given by Wikipedia and it really is an honest evaluation of the performance of the component under test. There are so many contributing factors to be taken into account and it often takes a long time to carry out a complete analysis of the performance of the component. The overall performance is exactly what is required as this is to what a customer will relate to if he is thinking of purchasing such an item.

A word of Caution

I have read many reviews in the past and have never understood how they can say one thing when in reality the component is not up to the specification that the review has stated. I have in fact tested certain cables and these certainly fall far short of a spine-tingling review given by a leading magazine in the US. I am saying that a person has to test the item in their own home to be able to evaluate the item correctly.


I think that it is very important, to gather reviews and then add these reviews to the website because this adds credibility to our products.

There are many people who actually offer to do reviews for us, but it is better to choose somebody who has a good reputation and is well know in the industry.

As we receive the reviews they will be added to our database. Any member of the public is more than welcome to contact the author of the review at any time.

I would like state that we are not connected to any person who is doing a review on any of our products – thank you

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