The Goal of our cables

What used to annoy me was the large sums of money a person would spend on a so-called High-end cable. The gain was very small and the cable could cost more than the equipment it was being used with. I decided to find a set of cables that would bring high-end performance to the market place but would have a Low-end price tag.

The Range

The Audiophile range – Beautiful sounding Power cords, Interconnect and Loudspeaker cables. The Interconnect cables are transparent. This means the cable has no resistance or capacitance to alter the natural signal from the source to the amplifier. The same applies from the amplifier to the Loudspeakers.

The Studio rangeAudiophile quality one or two-meter length Interconnects and are fitted with XLR male or XLR Female to Stereo jack. This enables you to hear what your computer can really sound like as it enters the world of High-end.

The Guitar rangeAudiophile quality three-meter power cord and also a two-meter guitar cord. These enable you to bring the sound from your guitar to a completely new level. This is because the guitar cord and power cord bring out far more detail than a standard amplifier power cord and guitar cord.

The Process

The cables are manufactured in Europe to the highest possible standards and meet all EU requirements and regulations. After manufacture, the cables are brought to our facilities in Lithuania. They are inspected, terminated, treated and tested.

After construction, the cables are given a three-day frequency sweep and testing routine. This is done by using three CD’s which allows the cables to reach their full potential. Following this procedure, the cables then receive an antistatic treatment before shipping.

 The Guarantee

Perkune audiophile cables offer a full 100% money back” no quibble” guarantee.

12 thoughts on “Cables

  1. Paul,

    Can you do Sound card interconnect cable with male XLR’s as well? Noticed its a female XLR connector in the picture. Thanks


  2. Hello

    I love audio and have old system and have just finished fitting your audio cables to my system –
    These cable makes my system sound at least twice better best buy i ever made on cables in my big history and I want to recommend to every one

    thank you


  3. Paul did a great job getting the proper alignment on my speakers! Now my system sounds 20-25% better with Paul’s input. Very satisfied with his expertise. If you want peak performance out of your system ask Paul!

  4. I worked at a car audio center for a while in high school and absolutely loved it. It was so much fun. You are definitely extremely knowledgeable and I appreciate your passion!!! It truly is an art. When I research and set up my new system, I will definitely be returning to your site!

  5. Awesome site ! So easy to follow and well set out. It must be very satisfying to be promoting your own product, you are obviously doing everything right, many customer comments, all very satisfied, adding real trust to your product!

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