True stories

It was by pure chance that I was reading an article written by a reporter. The article was about scams but at the end, offered the services of a Canadian Company. The company was called Wealthy Affiliate and they had been in business for 15 years and had at that time over 500,000 members and this somehow looked very serious. Today they have 850,000 members, which means they are certainly doing something right.

I decided to take a closer look because there were no fees to join and the training was free. You could make your own website and start to earn money! This all sounded too good to be true but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and so I filled in the application form and joined.

I did not know much about computers and in fact did not really like using them. I thought that I would not be able to make my own website but on how wrong I was! My training was great and I followed everything step by step. My questions were quickly answered when I got stuck and I had more support than I ever needed. I quickly build my website and started to earn money.

I Have been working with Wealthy affiliate for a year. When I joined I was at the bottom of the group but I have very quickly moved up through the ranks to what is called an Ambassador. I am now at number 11 and very proud of what I have accomplished.

Another story

A few days ago I passed the 3 year mark at Wealthy Affiliate, and I was planning to do a standard “What I learned this year” post.However, I also owe the community a “How I got here” type post as a thank you for their help getting me featured on, but that’s going to be beyond the scope of a single blog post, so I’m going to make that as a training, and keep this one short (ish)

Fast Cars Go Quickly, Businesses Don’t

Supercars always brag about how fast they can go from 0 to 60. It’s usually something like oh I dunno…10 seconds. Is that fast? Sounds fast anyway.

With a business…3 years to get from $0 to anything sounds pretty slow, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive, at least not to me.

Last month (July) I passed $10,000 for the month for the first time ever. I’m roughly on course to repeat that feat again in August, so I can at least feel like it’s stable.

Some people might look at that and think “Wow, I want $10,000 a month!” but may be put off by the fact it took three years.

Others will think it’s fine, afterall, three years is nothing in exchange for financial freedom.

What if I told you that this time last year I was barely making $2,000 a month? In fact, it took me over 1.5 years to make $1,000 a month.

At the start of 2015, I probably only had $1,000 in savings as well (I did invest a lot of my earnings back into the business), but about 30 minutes ago, I paid off the remainder of my Student Loan debt in one fell swoop (It was about $10k remaining). So far this year I also bought an engagement ring (got engaged in March), flew back home to the UK, flew to Thailand, bought a Macbook Pro and still have some money to spare. This isn’t to brag, it’s just to show how quickly things can take off. I had pretty much been broke from 2010 until now.

Basically, in a very short time, things have taken off for me and those 2 and a half years of sweat and hard work are paying off and then some.

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