Make money with online business

Make money with an online business

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate just a year ago and everything has changed in my life. If you are really interested in making extra money of even starting your own business then please continue reading.

My Level

I am what is called an Ambassador with the company and I have achieved this position by simply helping people do what I have done. All the training is free and support is 24/7 and it is very easy to do because of all the help you get.

I have a great website (I think that you will agree) I have made many new friends and have a small business which is growing daily and now I can Make money!

This is new, this is exciting and online marketing is definitely the way forward. It is very easy to make money and anybody can do what I have done!

Below, I have added just a few of the stories taken at random from the WA Website site showing that it is possible to make money, but there are thousands more stories just like these but If you are interested to visit my page the please click here

True stories to make money

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #1 — After just 6 months, Ira McCracken is now able to support his family so that his wife can stay home with their son. And he got a new car!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #2 — Paris now has much more freedom and works from anywhere four days a week. His new hobby is cafe hopping. His niche – How to learn guitar.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #3 — Nathaniel increased his monthly income by 30%, doubled traffic to his two old websites, and got his WA promotion site up to more than 1000 visits per day. His niche is – beer brews

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #4 — Trina Lynn got paid $1250 for a few days work building ONE website. Her niche – dogs.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #5 — Scottdogg187 traded $359 for $3500 in his first ten months and in his second year is now very successful and making his living from home. His niche is – At home businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #6 — Eddy Salomon has been job free by choice since 2008. He gets to stay at home with his kids and he now has found His niche – Internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #7 — Leo every has been working full time online since 2005 but still learns enough at Wealthy Affiliate to hang around here. His niche – Online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #8 — DomW works for himself and can go away when he feels like it and “do[es] alright” (his words). His niche that he found was Web design.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #9 — Christene9, already successful before joining Wealthy Affiliate, took her websites from good to awesome and so her niche is marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #10 — Abigail11 made one sale in her first two months and eleven in her third month. How’s that for improvement? Her niche – Mediation, music and healing. 

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #11 — WendyK now has over 10 streams of income. She’s been here a few years, and she’s seeing increases of 30-50% per month! Her niche – Adult board games,

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #12 — I made over $2000 last month but my earnings were fairly consistent throughout the month. It’ll be interesting to see what happens during the coming Christmas season.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #13 — I’m now getting to live the life I’ve always wanted. I’m not stuck behind a desk, trapped in a cubicle farm, underneath florescent lighting for the next 40 years of my life.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #14 — Thank you Kyle, Carson & WA Community because I have been able to treat my family to a holiday for the first time in well over 10 years!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #15 — A couple of days ago I returned to the UK following my trip out to Las Vegas to meet up with Kyle, Carson, and all the other successful WA affiliates, and even though this was my third WA conference, it was DEFINITELY the best that I have ever really attended!

The stories continue and people are making serious money!

If you are interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate for “FREE” and to do the same as I did then I would invite you to click here