How to get more bass from Tannoy Edinburgh


EdinburghsBass has always a problem in the audiophile world and it is very hard to get the correct amount of bass and the way that you want it to sound but there are things you can do so I have written this “How to get more bass article” to help.

The Edinburgh is fitted with a 12″ Driver model 3149 that has a frequency response of 28Hz to 25kHz and a sensitivity of 94db. One of the features of this driver is the Alnico magnet and the tweeter is the famed “Pepper pot” The crossover is first order HF and first order LF and set to crossover at 1100 Hz.

Tannoy fan

I want too tell you that I am a huge Tannoy fan and have been so all of my life. I have owned many different models of Tannoy. These models included the Berkeley, Arden, SRMx15, Turnberry, Glenair, Edinburgh, GRF and Kensington.

I had decided the Edinburgh was lacking in bass response and I had tried different cables and speaker positioning but was unable to improve the sound. I decided to go a step further and try a different crossover in my attempt to gain the bass I was looking for.


The first crossover

cross over home made

The first crossover I used on this “How to get more bass” attempt was a homemade crossover which came from an enthusiast who lived in Rumania. The crossover was hand built using excellent hi-end components and crossed over at 1.1kHz

The crossover really made the speakers sound good but it did not allow the bass to perform in the way that I wanted the bass to perform and so my search continued.


The second crossover

bass crossover

This crossover used a Clarity Caps capacitor with a Mundorf Inductor and crossed over at 1.2kHz. The crossover had been designed to work with the Tannoy 3811 driver (which was 15″) but I thought I would try it with the Edinburgh driver. The quality of the sound was in a different league and far better than the Tannoy crossover supplied with the Edinburgh but the bass was still lacking, not by much but I wanted more!

The third crossover

I was determined to get the bass to sound the way I wanted it to sound and so my search led me to a well-known Audiophile who operates as “Mainly Tannoy” and supplies professional Tannoy crossovers and components.

Tannoy crossover

The crossover was from the Tannoy professional series and very well made. The sound very good but did not have the intense clarity of the second crossover but it did have everything else.

I decided to get the soldering iron warmed up and made a couple of mods to the crossover and installed it into the enclosures because I still wanted to find out just How to get more bass.

I used a very high-grade cable to connect the drivers to the crossover and actually soldered the cables directly to the Driver. The other end of the cable was soldered directly to the crossover.

The result

The modifications were carried out in one of my friends listening rooms. My friend has a pair of Tannoy Autographs that are fitted with 15″ monitor Gold’s which are an amazing sounding pair of Tannoy’s.

testing both

As you can see The Edinburgh’s look rather humble next to the Autographs but it was the sound that we wanted to hear so the looks did not matter.

The test CD was inserted and it only took a few bars of music for us to hear the Edinburgh’s sounded absolutely fantastic. They had the clarity in the upper regions plus the middle tones the “Pepper pot” tweeters are renowned for. But the bass was what we wanted to hear and what an amazing sounding bass it was. It had everything you could imagine and the sound was so close to the Autographs it was a shock for both of us. This was the best sound that I had heard from my Edinburgh’s and proved my point. The next job was to return them to my apartment to hear how they sounded in my smaller listening room.


The picture shown below comprises of the Tannoy Edinburgh’s, Esoteric I-03 amplifier, Esoteric X-03 CD player and cabling is Nordost Valhalla. The cabinets are sitting on “SoundCare” titanium spikes (reversed). The amplifier and CD player are also sitting on “SoundCare” titanium spikes. Read more

How to get more bassThe sound in my listening room was not as good as the way the Edinburgh’s had sounded in my friends listening room and this was due to the room size. But I will say the sound was really a big step up from the sound that I had before I did the modifications.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this “How to get more bass” blog and as the old saying goes “where there is a will, there is a way”. Also, if you would like any more information or have any questions then please send me a message.

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