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Address:  Perkune audiophile cables – Vytenio 3- 6, Vilnius, Lithuania

Email:   –  –

Skype: paul_goodwin

Telephone: +370 61294224

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  1. Hello,
    we are writing to you from Poland after reading the review of your speaker cables from “Stereo i kolorowo” webpage. Can you quote the set of 2×4.5 m for us?
    Thank you and good luck with your passion.

    Iwona and Marek Rudnik

    1. Hello,

      Thank you very much for your words and it is my life work!!!

      The cables are great and what I normally do is to offer the price plus 50% per meter extra
      295 plus 1.5 extra = 368 eu and that is including the shipping

      It will take 4 days to make up and to burn in

      best regards


  2. Hey Paul,
    Am still completely blown away by the difference in my sound. It has actually made me focus more on my playing & techniques. Since you can hear so much more of the flavors than what I was hearing before, it motivated me to play so much more precise. Wish I could send you some mp3’s of before & after. Thankyou for also being my WA friend & fellow Collegue.

    1. Hi Wayne

      That is really great to hear and I am very pleased that it has helped you to
      Improve –
      You will feel bad that as the cables bed in more then thugs will keep improving and after about a mi th of playing just change back to your old cables and then you will understand the difference!!!!

      Best regards


  3. Paul – I really liked your website structure. It was designed for an easy flow from one
    page to the other. The information was well presented and even though the subject
    matter was foreign to me because of my background I found it to be very easy to read.
    So, the visitor coming to the site as a customer should not have any problems following
    the technical details you were presenting. It possesses a valuable marketing tool that
    should work to your advantage and that is that you really know what you are talking
    about and that should instill confidence in your prospective client. The overall
    conclusion is that if I was a prospective client, then you have a sale! Cheers!

    1. Hello Ken

      I thank you veery much for your comments and appreciate the way that
      you have described my site. I am using a theme which is ver simple and
      straight forward and thus has obviously come across which is very good
      to hear.

      best regards


  4. Hi Paul, it`s Lou,

    I have been looking around your site and what I would like to get some time is a single Laptop to speaker cable about 1 meter for my desk . for some reason the one I am using is a bit , well crackly, I am not sure if it`s the cable or the Minirig speaker connection, or the laptop connection because when you turn it a bit it changes sound slightly?



    1. Hi Lou

      Easy fix my friend

      Remove the existing cable first check the connect and it all OK simply spray it with anti-static
      fluid but avoiding the termination at each end
      Next put it back in your system and spray the whole thing with anti-static fluid and let it dry

      This should solve your problem

      best regards


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